Cat Spraying or Urine Marking

Ah, the big one: cat spraying. How many times have we read on the Internet, or heard a client say their vet told them, that spraying was either incurable or required medication? It’s a pity that millions of cats are surrendered to shelters or even euthanized every year, when spraying is actually one of the easiest feline behaviors to solve.

Before you choose a behaviorist — compare testimonials. Mieshelle has conducted the urine spray-marking consultation thousands of times since 1999 and has hundreds of testimonials. See more testimonials

There are several ways in which cats deposit urine.

• Plain old elimination urination.
• Spray-marking on the vertical (a variant is spraying on a horizontal surface).
• Non-spray urine marking (can look very much like urination).

We can quickly help you to distinguish among them, and, more importantly, tell you why your cat is likely spraying. Armed with that critical information, we’ll then provide you with a tailored C.A.T. Plan with a very high rate of success.

In your behavior consultation with Mieshelle or Dr. Shultz, you’ll learn:

  • how to know which of the dozens of possible triggers of urine spraying to look for — and change or remove — in your cat’s environment
  • how to identify and address inter-cat social issues that commonly trigger spraying behavior
  • how to use simple behavior modification techniques to end urine marking in targeted areas
  • why your no-mark or pheromone products haven’t worked (and why you probably will never need a product like them again)
  • how to set up an environment to prevent spraying and inter-cat social issues from happening to begin with
  • how to really get the urine smell out and why pet store cleaning products are ineffective
  • how you can solve your cat’s problem humanely, and forever — so you won’t need make the choice of living in urine smell or giving him up!


May 11th 2015 Testimonial in just this second! Shmendrick stopped marking outside the box immediately, and all four cats took to the (advice removed) and the (advice removed) immediately. The combination of (advice removed) made the difference.  Thanks for all your help. It is such a relief and pleasure to come home in the evening and NOT smell urine!  Best Wishes, Steve G. Plymouth, MN

Testimonial:  The Cat Behavior Clinic – Just an email to let you know we have been urine spray free for 25 days and counting! You literally save our household and our cats! I had forgotten what our house smelled like urine-free.  Thank you for all your help and we will keep in touch before Christmas for our second follow-up, but I doubt we will need it.  We can talk about adding a third cat perhaps!  Thank you again for all your knowledge on what we were told was an unsolvable issue.  Many thanks,  Nancy S. New York, NY


“Just thought you’d like to know this is day 18 of no spraying!! You have changed our lives! Everyone (and I mean everyone) is happy now! Your advice has given us sanity again and we can’t thank you enough. Our vet is very impressed as well especially with the (behavior advice removed).”M. Tyler, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Mieshelle, I am writing to tell you how valuable my consultation with you was. It was about two years ago that Dante was spraying all over my art studio. After contacting you, I have to say that that the problem is solved, with much hard work and following all of your advice. I am at a point now that I understand my Bengal so much better. Just thinking about how knowledgeable and talented you are, and how grateful I am for finding you.

 Best, Diane A.  San Francisco, CA

“Our vet recommended Mieshelle because they couldn’t figure out why our cat Toby was spraying. We ran every blood and urine test you could think of. It took Mieshelle less than 10 minutes to not only figure out why Toby was spraying on the back of the sofa chair every morning, but how to fix the problem. He quit doing this the next day and hasn’t had an accident since! I can’t believe how simple it was to fix this problem with her C.A.T. Plan! I am so glad I called her! She is also going to help us introduce our cat to our new daughter we are adopting from China. She has already given me advice on this and I am so grateful.”

Leslie W. Tualatin, Oregon

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