• May 2017 Review -- My Cat is Now Defecating in the Litter Box: I am so very grateful for all your assistance and I am sure Gracie is very thankful as well! I am hopeful that we can keep little Gracie on track. I am still extremely thrilled that Gracie has been using the litter box all week thus far!!! It's a miracle!!! Thank you so much! Charlene R. Ontario, Canada

    Charlene R. Ontario, Canada
  • October 2016: Mieshelle, We now have a cat that poops in the box as of day 3 after starting the behavior plan. I only wish we would have contacted you 4 years ago. Thank you for saving our family and we will schedule our last phone call with you mid-November. Jennifer S. Austin, Texas

    Jennifer S., Austin, Texas
  • October 29th, 2016: Mieshelle, The photo of the clear litter box is from Monday and the green litter box is from Friday (yesterday. Marm has been pooping in these 2 low sided boxes all week, as far as I can tell only once each day. The only change I made was to (behavior advice removed) in the instead of (behavior advice removed). I've also (behavior advice removed). It's like you made a change via osmosis. Thank you, Eric H. Chicago, Illinois

    Erica H., Chicago, Illinois
  • Mieshelle, Everything is working perfectly I'm happy to report. I haven't yawned at work for the last two weeks and that is unheard of. The entire household is happy once again and I can't thank you enough. It's amazing how a few extra hours of sleep can give one a new lease on life. Thank you so much for all your support. I had a cat that woke me up either all night or early in the morning (or both at its worst), and now I have this furrball that is sleeping soundly even after I wake up of mornings. I'll use our remaining appointment time to talk a bit more about the diet change you mentioned and also if I should continue with the (advice removed). Meows and Purrs (but only during the day now!) from Maddie, Millie, and Bojangles. Take care, Tom

    Tom W., San Diego, California
  • Mieshelle Well, I'm pleased to report that, to my shock, Toby actually pooped in the box the day I started following your plan for him and he hasn't made a mistake since. I feel like this was so easy, that it's almost unbelievable. I didn't have to add or even move the litter boxes just as you said I wouldn't. So what is your secret? My neighbor is going to call you now too. Evidently, I'm not crazy anymore for hiring a cat behaviorist! I will schedule our last call in a couple weeks. Thanks again and I hope your Costa Rica trip study was fabulous. Thank you for helping the cats of the world and their cat people too. Best Regards, Chloe Cat and Steve S.

    Steve S., Chicago, Illinois
  • October 21, 2016 Mieshelle, "I've utilized your information so far and integrated one home cat to two new ones! Thanks for sharing your remarkable insights on these great creatures! Not only are you the bomb, I would call you a Miracle Worker! Thanks again so much. Everything of yours that I have tried HAS WORKED and continues to work! Have a really nice day". Christine Martin

    Christine Martin
  • Defecation behavior testimonial June 2015 OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a cat that never defecated in the litter box. In fact he was my daughter’s cat and she couldn’t handle it any more, so she gave him to me. Tried everything – – multiple boxes, etc. No health issues. Friday after work (behavior advice removed). When I arrived home, I immediately (behavior advice removed). WITHIN HOURS no more defecating outside the box!!!! AND he covers his urine too, something he never did. Just urinated on top of the litter and walked away. Now I have to scoop down into the litter to find the urine and feces. I am telling everyone I know and my relatives and friends are amazed because they all knew about Capers and his out of box experiences (sometimes in the middle of the night stepping on it when they got up to use the bathroom, icky). Just wanted to extend extreme accolades! Barbara K.

    Barbara K. California
  • Urination Behavior Testimonial June 2015: After speaking with Mieshelle, I immediately went out and (behavior advice removed). Alex pooped and urinated 2 more days after (advice removed), then all of a sudden it stopped. It's been 10 days and there is no more urine or poop anywhere outside the box. Last night I went into the kitchen, and I actually found Alex in the litter box, I'm beyond thrilled!!!!! Hoping this behavior continues!!!! Thanks so much Mieshelle, you are the best!!!!! Rosemary C. Brick, New Jersey

    Rosemary C. Brick, New Jersey
  • Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that Reuben is now pooing in his litter box! YAY! For the past 2 weeks. I got something from (behavior advice removed). He has stopped biting as much but I'd like to use the last bit of my time to talk to you about that if we can organize a time. Thanks so much for all your help with this! It's a huge relief. Andrea P. Toronto, Canada

    April 2015 pooping testimonial Andrea P.
  • Urination and Defecation issue March 2014: The Cat Behavior Clinic, I wanted to let Mieshelle know that she is a genius!! Just (behavior advice removed) and using (behavior advice removed) and we have had NO peeing or pooping outside the box!! Thank you, Brenda H. Oakland Park, Florida

    Brenda H.
  • Cat Behaviorist Update on Urination Behavior Issue: December 2013 Hello Mieshelle & June, Please excuse the delay in my update as I have been ill with the flu in the last two weeks. Since my call with Mieshelle, I have (advice removed) door entrance of my apartment where she was fixated to urinate. (Advice removed), she headed to her litter boxes in the restroom. Restroom-- Adora has the original (advice removed) litter box behind the door and the second box on the opposite was no longer has litter as advised, only (advice removed). Adora instantly now for a month has been using that (advice removed) inside the box primarily for her urination and the other box with the litter for her defecation and the odd time urination. She appears to be more content and happy with this arrangement so far and this has also alleviated my stress tremendously along with not having to feel embarrassed every time I have guests that cannot enter my apartment only to see her urination on the puppy pad on their first step. I do notice that (advice removed) away from that zone. I also reward her with her favorite brushing as I cannot provide her any treats. I thank you very much for this solution. It has worked so far and I hope this momentum and new habit will continue for both our sakes! Let me know if there is anything else I should be doing. Thanks again. Kind regards, V.F. Woodlands, Texas

    V.F., Woodlands, Texas
  • December 2013 Urine Spraying Update To The Cat Behaviorist, It's only been 7 days and he went from 5 sprays a day to maybe 1 every couple days. It has been the best $225 I have ever spent! Thank you:) Michelle P. Buena Park, California

    Michelle P. Buena Park, California
  • Cat Behaviorist Report: Urine Spray-marking September 2013 Mieshelle, We have switched (advice removed), and have begun cleaning the previously soiled areas. Once we have successfully cleaned the entire spaces, we will start using (advice removed) those walls where Penny Lane has sprayed. As suggested in our consult, we've taken Penny Lane to the vet to check for a possible medical condition, and both her blood and urine cane back in good health. We are still waiting on a urine culture to see if there is any bacteria or evidence of an issue. We have also made sure that Penny gets a (advice removed). We have also begun (advice removed) consumption. There have been no changes to her behavior, but that is good since at the time of our consult Penny had seemingly stopped spraying, and we haven't noticed any new sprays in the past week. Penny seems to be doing great! We are still considering adding an additional cat to our household, and during our initial consultation we were told some information could be sent along on how to introduce cats successfully. If we could get that information we would appreciate it, since in the past Penny has not gotten along well with feline companions. Taylor McLean, Virginia

    T.J. McLean, Virginia
  • Cat Behaviorist Report: Aggression September 2013 Mieshelle, We've seen an improvement in Riley's behavior where she's not as scared as before. She seems more relaxed/comfortable around the apartment and around Alex. One thing that we have changed up is how Alex interacts with Riley. During the first couple of weeks I was the one who was brushing both cats and now Riley is allowing Alex to brush her. Riley LOVES the brush so Alex is able to hold the brush and call her over. She meows and comes over willingly and enjoys getting brushed. He will also give her a treat or piece of dry food afterwards. Riley still hisses sometimes, like this morning when Alex came around the corner of the sofa and surprised her by accident. But for the most part there is a noticeable decrease. As far as the interaction between the cats, I've seen them hissing a couple of times at each other but it appears that it's slowly improving. I don't sense as much tension as before. Still needs some work though. Lisa K. Parkton, North Carolina

    Lisa K. Parkton, North Carolina
  • Cat Behaviorist Report: Urine issue October 2013 Mieshelle, Kitty is doing so good!! I am so excited, proud and amazed at her progress! We have a happy household once again! I'm so glad I took the leap and reached out to you guys for help! I'm going to stay the course with what we are doing as it seems to be working. In the meantime, I'm going to clean the rug and get it ready to come back out at the end of October- that will be the real test. Although the good news is that I did give her access to the guest bathroom again and she has not urinated on the bathmat so that is a good sign that she is happy going in her litter box! Thank you for your time and wonderful suggestions and I'll continue to keep you posted on Kitty's progress. Dianna G. Dallas, Texas

    Dianna G. Dallas, Texas
  • Cat Behaviorist Report: Intercat Aggression October 2013 Mieshelle, Rusty and Katy are getting along so much better. I think it is more play aggression now, maybe once a day. The (advice removed) Rusty worked wonders immediately. Now I am trying to take away all the (advice removed), so far so good. Now I (advice removed), once in the morning and take them off at bedtime. Thank you very much for your help. Fran M. Cary, North Carolina

    Fran M. Cary, North Carolina
  • Cat Behaviorist Report: Urination behavior issue November 2013 Mieshelle, The last time I wrote I told you that Poncho had not peed outside the box for the whole 10 days while we were on vacation and had a neighbor clean the box. Coincidetally the next morning he peed on the floor by the kitty litter box . We completely cleaned all the kitty litter boxes, put new litter in them. I (advice removed). We have not had any outside the box peeing in the house either. It has been a couple of weeks since we got home and he has used the boxes. Not sure why he went outside the box the one time except that the litter boxes needed to be changed when we returned from vacation. Our neighbor also told us that he hadn't had a chance to get over to our house the day we returned so the litter boxes were full the day we got home We had scopped out the poop and pee when we got home but it was in need of a complete change of litter. We also have a (advice removed). What else would you like to tell us about how your cat(s) are doing? The cats seem happier an sleep together all the time now. I am (advice removed). Kathy, C. Lake Stevens, Washington

    Kathy C. Lake Stevens, Washington
  • Cat Behaviorist Report: Yowling behavior at night time October 2013 Mieshelle, I have (advice removed) my cat Harmonía about 15 to 30 minutos (advice removed), we do the (advice removed) many, many times. After that I give both my cats can food for dinner, in separate plates. I had my phone consultation with Mieshelle one week ago (wednesday, october 23), and for the past 5 nights, my Harmonía haven't meow at night not even once. These past week has been the best slepping week my husband and I have had in months! I change my cats diet. Before I gave (special diet advice removed)... they love it! I see Teo more active and with more energy. We are a happier family now, thank you so much! Alejandro S. Mexico

    Alejandra S. Nuevo León, México.
  • November 2013 Cat Behaviorist Report Hi Mieshelle, I just had to write to tell you about what I think is huge success! It's really small in the big scheme of things, but I am so excited I just had to share it with you! Last night we were doing our (advice removed) with my husband, and Pinky and Polly with me about 8 to 10 feet from each other. We were all (advice removed) and then Polly got interested in (advice removed) that Max was playing with. She walked up to about a foot from Max, sat down, and watched Max playing. Max had been laying down, and he moved and sat up too (Polly didn't do anything but look with curiosity at the toy). My husband then (advice removed). She only lasted about 15 seconds, then turned and walked away a few feet. No aggression, no hiss, just playing together! Even if it was only 15 seconds with all three, I am thrilled! I know we still have a ways to go, but I feel like we are back on track, and beginning to make progress again! Also, after play time, we (advice removed) and I to Pinky and Polly. We are usually somewhere between 3 and 8 feet apart from each other. In the last 2 days, Pinky has started walking up to my husband and (advice removed). Again, I feel like this is a step in the right direction! Anyway, I just had to share! Thanks for listening! Diana P. Katy, TX

    Diana P. Katy, TX
  • September 2013 Cat Behaviorist report on previous behavior issue: Hi Mieshelle, I'm happy to report that the steps we've taken as a result of our consultation have resulted in NO marking for the last 2-3 weeks. The (advice removed) have helped immensely, as has the (advice removed). We have (advice removed) kitties every day, and observed less aggression from Pearlman toward Fritz. Fritz, if you recall, was our outdoor cat. He recently had 3 teeth removed and had to spend time inside recuperating. We took this opportunity to start to acclimate him to life indoors because once we sell our house and move he will have to stay inside with the rest of the kitties. It's been 3 days and he is starting to recover from his dental work. He now is doing some howling from time to time. He is also (advice removed) a day to help him with anxiety about wanting to go out. We plan to let him out with the other cats when we can supervise them. Otherwise everyone stays inside. Thank you! Deb h. Cumming, IA

    Deb H. Cumming, IA
  • Cat Behaviorist Results! August 2013 The Cat Behavior Clinic, Peanut has had ZERO problems since my consultation with Mieshelle. I wish I would have called sooner! She seems to be in the box fairly regularly, with pretty regular 'cat poop' (information removed). She's really enjoying the play time and has pretty much stopped the hind end licking 24/7. Totally different cat! I'll be interested to see what happens if another 'stressful' event takes place... I go on vacation, or something like that. As of right now... absolutely NO problems. Thank you! :) Jennifer K. Marysville, WA

    Jennifer K. Marysville, WA
  • September 2013 Hello Mieshelle- Since the consultation with you on 8/24, we have made some great strides! Not one accident outside the box in over a week! All the kitties are using (advice removed) and I have not had to use any (advice removed)...this is huge! I have also been working on changing them all over to the (advice removed)you recommended, and that is proving to be their least favorite change. I will make it gradual so that I don't stress them out. I have also put (advice removed) out for them, and (advice removed)different areas of the house. I double checked with the vet on Butter's urine culture and it was clean so we aren't putting her back on the prescription diet. She has finished the antibiotics and she is acting like she feels better, too. Charlie has also refrained from his inappropriate behavior. I have put a small, washable mat at the back door and he has not "marked" it. So, it looks like we may be another success story for you...YEA! Thanks again for the great advise and I'll give you another update in a week or so. Vivienne B. and Charlie, Clara, Fred, Dora, Butter, The Amazing Dottie M, and Liberty Page

    Vivienne B. New NY
  • October 2013: Dear Cat Behavior Clinic, It has been two weeks since we had our consultation to address Cadbury’s persistent non-litterbox pooping and we are *delighted* to report that he has not missed the box since initiating the behavior modification recommendations made by Ms. Nagelschneider. The change in behavior was immediate. In addition to using the box, we have observed (information removed) since implementing the (advice removed) changes. Thank you for your time and help. If there are any further developments we will let you know, but it seems that the underlying issues causing the problem have been successfully addressed. Regards, Mike & Barbara S. (And M&M, Cadbury, and Kokio), Townsend, MA

    Mike and Barbara S. Townsend, MA
  • 12/4/2012 Hi Mieshelle, This is to update you on my boys, Jesse and Teddy, that you helped me with in October. I have to say, the results are quite miraculous, as you said they could be! I think the new food (behavior advice removed), with constant (advice removed), as well as all the other things we have done per your suggestions, have indeed put us in the " behavior technique removed," and we are all so much happier---HOORAY! There was a noticeable difference immediately, and it continues to go very well---I am very grateful!!! So thank you for sharing your expertise with the world, and blessings to you in your important work! Peace, Dawn C. Rochester, New York

    Dawn C. Rochester, NY
  • October 15, 2012 Cat Behaviorist solves Inter-cat Aggression To Mieshelle (Cat Behaviorist), I thought you'd like to see that everything we did is paying off. Rufus and Darwin have become friends. Today they actually are napping this close. Thank you for everything, Carolyn P.

    Carolyn P. Kingsport, Tennessee
  • January 2012 URINE SPRAY 2 WEEK Update Hi, Just writing to update on our cat Little G. We have started moving him over to a (advice removed). Next, we will work on his (advice removed) situation. He has been very calm and relaxed. He acts more normal than before in our observation. He has not sprayed since the last update. He also is using (behavior advice removed), which he loves. Thanks. Luis Salinas

    Salinas L. San Antonio, Texas
  • 1/19/2012 INTERCAT AGGRESSION Update DAY 10 Mieshelle, 1) (Proprietary clinic behavior advice removed)- I immediately started and had IMMEDIATE reduction in Ash stalking other cats! (Advice removed) I saw a change within 24 hours. In fact the only one still staring down other kitties on a regular basis is Dallas (whom you met 5 years ago for same issue:) -- and even he is far more tolerant of other cats when they come in his sight, go to use the litter box or generally just exist:) :) :) in his sight... Ash's recent behavior (that got us all so desperate and found me on the phone with you!!) - i.e., deliberately stalking to dominate and fight the others has STOPPED. I have not seen a single instance since I started (proprietary behavior technique removed). 2) HALLWAYS- We started (behavior advice removed) same night we had consultation with you and added (advice removed) has helped greatly. I haven't seen or heard a fight in the halls since we started this. 3) (Behavior technique removed)- had been using 1x/day only in hallways but re-read the printed material you sent and added DR and LR this morning as I saw DALLAS stalk Ophelia in to a DR corner (only stalking we've heard or witnessed since you and I talked) . As of this morning I also added it in the kitchen where I prepare food plates and still observe some boxing behavior when they gather together 4) RESOURCES-- (advice removed) 5)PLAY vs Fights I have (behavior advice removed.) Stalking others gone as far as I can tell!!! I SEE joy he gets in daily play and will continue no matter what. (advice removed). I started individual (advice removed). I will send a group update next week - Please let me know if you have thoughts on this initial report or question above. all the best, Joan and Brett PS. If we never progressed beyond this, we have had sanity saving improvement already and ALL our cats are SAFER as a result of your suggestions in our first conversation. Our newest addition, Sophie, has taken 90% of my attention the past 13 months due to major illnesses-having a RESULTS ORIENTED plan for the others is a gift beyond measure- to ALL of us . Thank you SO much

    Joan J. and Brett G. Washinton DC
  • 1/13/2012 URINE UPDATE WEEK 3 Mieshelle, You can probably guess by my lack of updates that Sia is continuing to do well. She is so much happier and not one accident since day 2 of (behavior advice removed) ~ 2 weeks? I have gradually (advice removed) I want it and had no problems with the change. I have found a great soft food and have it mixed about 60-40 food to water. I started doing that right from the first can so she just thinks that is just the way it is! Does that make me a bad fur Mom? I am still (behavior advice removed) and Sia still enjoys her food on the perch by the window although not too often. Sia's turnaround could not have come at a better time as we just found out yesterday that my husband has prostate cancer. I hope it continues or I will be stressed to the max. I think she is in a good place. The pet store (behavior advice removed) I have customers for him. Thanks once more girls for making our home peaceful again. I almost forget what it was like to have puddles and landmines on the floor.....almost. Kelly Sent from my Samsung Captivate(tm) on Rogers

    Kelly V. New Brunswick, CA
  • 1/6/2012 Defecation/urine 4 Week Update "Dezzy" Balinese Mieshelle, Short and sweet report this time. Nothing new. Perfect behaviour with no incidents now for 32 days!! Malcolm, Anne & “Good Boy Dezzy”

    Ann and Malcolm, North Vancouver, BC Canada
  • 1/8/2012 Defecation update Dear Mieshelle, Thank you soooo much! You saved another life! I thank you forever for you kindness, and will always remember this! Happy hew year to you and your staff! Sincerely, Lucy and Gary _____________

    Lucy C. Elk River, MN
  • 1/5/2012 Spraying/aggression update 2 Bengals Mieshelle, The boys have been remarkably happy since the first week with no major fights, more human interaction, and no spraying or yowling. It has been peaceful and we’re delighted. You were totally correct about feral cats. I did see one – the boys did too- mid-afternoon this week. He went in between the (behavior advice removed). Since the house has a casita and partially enclosed courtyard, we will (advice removed) the mid-section of the back yard. The cat looked identical to our old boy who died last year. The boys saw him and ran to the dining room doors where he was last seen. The next morning Oliver pooped in the bedroom where the x-shaped scratcher had been. We have not seen anything else since then and both of them know (advice removed) in the evenings and sit and wait for their (advice removed) and game. Opie is sleeping on top of the office shelves and Oliver is doing well also. We need to know what else we need to do and if there is anything special we should do prior to going on vacation next month. We have a cat sitter who comes twice a day and knows. Sandi

    Elena and Sandi. Lincoln, California
  • January 3, 2012 URINE Update WEEK 3 Subject: "Tyson" Black DSH Hi Mieshelle! Sorry for the delayed update - it's been crazy with the holidays - but, good news....Tyson has not had a single accident outside of his litter box since we spoke! Within a day I had (behavior advice removed) and was using (behavior advice removed). The other parts of the plan have been slower to start. Today I finally (behavior advice removed). I plan on beginning tomorrow the part of the therapy where I slowly (behavior advice removed). Last week both cats went to the vet. We did not test (advice removed). But the (behavior advice removed) control because the smell no longer bothers us. I may choose to (advice removed). We also (behavior advice removed) her more confident, and I will begin (advice removed) tomorrow. Fingers crossed she sticks up for herself! Tyson's aggression towards myself and my husband has improved, I think just because he is maturing a little. But actively (advice removed) is also helping. He attacks us a lot less and my hands are no longer scratched up. I think he has a long way to go, but he has already improved so much. I'm really hopeful about his future. Thank you for your help, and I'll send another update soon. Happy New Year! Chrissy

    Christine E. Croton on Hudson, New York
  • 12/31/2011 "Tommy Tunes" - From pooping daily on floor to no more pooping issues! 4 Month Check-in Dear Mieshelle, We are having so few problems now that we may be in the clear. Phil is taking all three cats (behavior advice removed). There is still a lot of box use, but very few poops at all, most of them are outside. We have had zero poops outside the box since the last time we wrote to you. At that time, we had had one in a week. On that occasion, the cats had been in for a prolonged period (we were out in the evening since the morning) and their boxes weren't very clean. Since then, we are: Using a (behavior advice removed) (advice removed) not (behavior advice removed) Under the (advice removed). Still no problems. Phil is delighted- he is such a sweet and affectionate cat. He is energetic, climbing trees when outside. He is strong and robust and has gained a couple of pounds since we got him. He still eats only 4 things: (advice removed). He does steal bites from the other cats' bowls, which has not caused any problems. I am hopeful that we can eventually (behavior advice removed) if all continues as well as it has. I hope this answers your question. As the problem waned, we stopped writing, so I apologize that you haven't been up to date, but you've had to wade through so much writing from us, that you may find this situation a welcome relief! Thank you for your assistance! Mary

    Mary W. Oakham, Maine
  • 1/2/2012 INTERCAT Aggression UPDATE WEEK 4 Happy New Year! Well, I may have jumped the gun. The doors are now open and the cats are together all of the time. No chasing, attacking, or aggressive behavior on anyone's part! Cleo and Shadow are still a little nervous when Twink is close to them, which is understandable since they were pounced on for the first 5 months. There has been some nose touching and sniffing and they seem to want to all sleep close to each other, not on the same thing or touching. I am still doing the (behavior advice removed) since they are not yet transferring scents to each other. They may never be great friends, but they all seem accepting of each other in their world. What a great New Years present. Thanks for all your help.. Roberta

    Roberta F. Cape May, New Jersey
  • DECEMBER 23, 2011 NIGHTTIME YOWLING Bengal cat update WEEK 2 Mieshelle, Cairo continues to sleep through the night. She hasn't yowled once at night since I last e-mailed. I have continued the (behavior advice removed). If we are (advice removed). I have incorporated the (advice removed) which she really likes to watch and will sometimes attack. She does continue to meow a lot when she wants something. Example-if she wants me to go downstairs with her she will sit on the stairs and meow. Once I (advice removed) she will stop and walk down with me. When I get home she will meow a lot. It is (behavior advice removed) before petting her. I have (behavior advice removed). Celeste

    Celeste P. Kirkland, WA
  • December 21, 2011 Intercat Aggression UPDATE Week 2 Hi, Mieshelle: Thanks so much for the follow-up. Actually at the moment I’m feeling more encouraged than I have for a while. I’ve been (behavior advice removed), and she seems to be doing better now. We started Phase 2 two days ago. Today Smudge was in her bed rolling (advice removed), and I was (advice removed) with her. Rich was on the other side of the (advice removed). He (advice removed) 3 times, and Smudge didn’t react. We’re pretty sure she saw Lucky…she was looking right in that direction, but no reaction. After wards she walked along (advice removed) and sniffed, but I continued to (advice removed) with her, and she left the area. Only time will tell if today was an anomaly, or if we’re making real progress now. You had asked for pictures of the cats. The 1st attachment is Lucky (sitting on cat bed). The 2nd one is Smudge (lying on rug). I couldn’t find one of Snowball right now but will look for one…we must have a few hundred somewhere around here. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions you might have, particularly if we’re doing something you might view as not helpful. Thanks!

    Judy D. Gaithersburg, MA
  • December 31, 2011 WEEK 2 URINE PROGRESS update "Sia" Good morning Oregon!! It is New Year's Eve and it also just happens to be my anniversary! I do not know what I am more excited about? Going to a nice lunch with my honey or Sia's litter box revelation?? I think it is an even split. If my husband was as much trouble as Sia was I may have divorced him! No more accidents that I know of ( I have a team of clean-up experts in my house) since I (behavior advice removed) Fundy is (behavior advice removed), AMEN. Even the poo is making it to the box. That did not bother me as much as the pee but it is nice to see four walls around it too! Sia just seems much happier. I have not seen them rough housing at all over the past few days. I would imagine having a "toilet" to go to with a bonus buzz while you are there is making a huge difference. I was wondering how to get the (behavior advice and questions removed) I will DIE if she regresses if I change it. It's OK if I have to keep it, I was just asking. I know change is not a good idea right now where we finally have made progress. Looking forward to talking to you in the new year and I am so proud of my girl !! Everyone is asking me about her at work because I was taking advice from anyone who would listen! It was always bad news until you helped me! You have made a difference in our home. I can concentrate at work more now and not be so worried about what was going on at home and where the next mess would be. I still want to work with her...I think the stressors for her lie deeper that the litter. Kelly

    Kelly V. New Brunswick, CA
  • 12/30/2011 Poop update Week 4 Mieshelle, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. My time has been consumed by the holidays. Well, basically he has defecated in the box every single time since day one at we're at the end of week 4 right now. Who would have thought! I also didn't realize how much this problem had been bothering me and my mood is so much better too! I never thought people could get depressed because of their cat pooping all over the house. Well, actually, that DOES sound pretty depressing doesn't it?...ha! I will be taking back the Prozac the vet initially prescribed me before I worked with you. Obviously, we didn't even need to use it like you said (well, maybe I did initially)! I am a little erked by this as you might imagine and will be changing vets. I am still continuing the (behavior advice removed) and also he loves the (behavior advice removed) in that certain way you mentioned. The bed, sofa, and wing back chairs haven't been covered in plastic shower curtains since we started. I am going to have a New Years party in style now! Yippee!! (picture me dancing on top of the dining room table -- the one without the poop under it-- because that is what I'll be doing --- who needs a New Years resolution when you've already achieved it??) All the best to you and your family, Adam "Keeper","Bobcat", and "Elka"

    Adam Jersey City, NJ
  • 12/30/2011 4 week update Mieshelle, Sorry for the delay. The holidays have kept me really busy! But guess what --- you were right...no urine marking!! He hasn't urine marked for 27 days and you are just too good to be true. I wish your advice was more readily available to cat owners out there. Even all the popular books don't know what you do (and I've read them all before coming to you). Thank you Mieshelle for your wisdom, advice, and caring. I learned so much about cats too. He is also not the same cat we started with. He truly has joy in his life now. Sounds weird, but it's true. Also, everyone at the office has stopped laughing that I hired a "Cat Whisperer" now. I'm still using the (behavior advice removed) and the (behavior advice removed) and that's it! I am just thrilled!! Happy New Year! Grace

    Grace New York NY
  • 12/30/2011 4 week update Mieshelle, made the trip up to our other home for the Holidays. Immediately (behavior advice removed). Removed the other (advice removed) altogether. Couch thoroughly cleaned. Prey (behavior advice removed) – he loves it! RESULTS : NO MISBEHAVIOUR – The “Dezz” has now gone 25 days being a good boy! Looks like we may have the problem beat! Happy New Year Malcolm, Ann & Dezzy

    Ann and Malcolm, North Vancouver, BC Canada
  • DECEMBER 19th, 2011 URINE UPDATE WEEK #2 Mieshelle, no changes from our first update. We removed the (behavior advice removed) a couple of days ago as he had stopped using it. So there is just the (behavior advice removed). We are now 15 days without any misbehavior!!!! We will be going to our other house on the Coast for the Holidays so will be interesting to see what happens there. Can`t tell you how pleased we are. Best regards for the Holiday Season Anne, Malcolm & “Good boy Dezzy”

    Ann and Malcolm, North Vancouver, BC Canada
  • December 19, 2011 WEEK # 3 URINE UPDATE Week 3 report: And by the way, Sally's consistently using her litter box: yippee! After the holidays, I'll try to slowly transition her back to the (behavior advice removed). But too much going on for all of us to worry about that now. What I know is that she hasn't had any accidents and all three cats seem calmer and more compatible with each other. Now that they've all been to the vet in the last 45 days, they've bonded over that awful experience too! :-) Thanks for the follow-up. Cheryl

    Cheryl K. Goleta, CA
  • December 14, 2011 GROUP SCENT STUDY INFO. Hi Mieshelle, Please feel free to use whatever pics or information you would like. I will definitely recommend you to anyone in my area who needs help with their cats. As for the (behavior advice removed), I used the process for 6 weeks. In the days of alternating (behavior technique removed), Governor and Percy would automatically sniff out and sleep wherever the other had slept the night or day before. It was as if they were complicit with creating the (behavior advice removed). We used the (advice removed) to reinforce the (technique removed). In the next month or two, we will be getting a new indoor cat. We intend to use your process in introducing them. I will let you know how the (behavior technique removed) works with cats that have not lived together prior to the process. Best of luck with your (GROUP SCENT) study and heartfelt thanks for restoring feline harmony to our house. Sincerely, Katie B.

    Katie B. Irving, Texas
  • DECEMBER 16th 2011 Update: SPRAYING & AGGRESSION Subjects: Ollie and Opus 1 2 Toygers (Bengals) DAY 1: 5 DECEMBER 2011 I (behavior advice removed). No fighting tonight. DAY 2: 6 DECEMBER Food (Behavior advice removed) Peaceful evening with both boys coming for petting. DAY 3: 7 DECEMBER No fighting today. (behavior advice removed). Marking near office chair. DAY 4: 8 DECEMBER No fighting. It is definitely more peaceful. (behavior advice removed). DAY 7: 11 DECEMBER The boys now have (behavior advice removed). No marking. No fighting. DAY 8: 12 DECEMBER The (behavior advice removed). Opie is not sleeping in the office now and Ollie sleeps on the bed or cat tree. We’re holding our collective breath because this is just too good to be true this soon. DAY 11: 13 DECEMBER Sleeping in/on the new cat tree with some rivalry over who gets which space. They are much more interactive with us. The yowling has ceased! OMG. Could this be a new chapter in the lives of the Toygers?

    Elena A. Lincoln, California
  • DECEMBER 18, 2011 3rd WEEK UPDATE Mieshelle, Max continues to do his thing in the litter box. Most urination still in the first litter box with the (behavior advice removed), some in the middle litter box with the (behavior advice removed) but is now a new (advice removed) and defecation in all three. Max LOVES his (behavior advice removed) with more energy every day. Sadie is now coming into the living room to watch the (behavior advice removed) when Max does. He’s fine with it, as far as I can tell. The area rug will be returned on Wednesday. Lori K.

    Lori K. Highland Park, Illinois
  • 12/14/2011 ONE WEEK into the YOWLING behavior Plan Dear Mieshelle, I have been implementing the plan for Cairo and following are her responses: 1) currently I (behavior advice removed). I am (behavior advice removed) as well. If I conduct (behavior advice removed). About 9:00 she goes to bed and I (behavior advice removed). I am happy to say she is pretty much sleeping through the night now. If she wakes up at all, it is usually around 6:00 a.m. when I normally get up during the week to let her out of her sleeping room. If she doesn't hear me after she meows she has been going back to sleep until I come in to get her. HURRAY! 2) currently I have been using a (behavior advice removed). 3) I have been (advice removed). 4) I have tried the (advice removed). 5) When I arrive home she does (advice removed). Let me know if I should change anything at this point. I will begin to add in some more of the (behavior advice removed). Thank you for all your help, Celeste P.

    Celeste P. Kirkland, Washington
  • FINAL update 12/14/2011 INTERCAT AGGRESION Mieshelle, Thank you so much. It took a little time and we still have some issues, but Percy and Governor are interacting with love again. I was never able to get the necessary drugs for Governor and I have decided to change vets in 2012 (based on some ineffectual interaction with our current vet practice). I don't know what I would have done had you not been able to help us. Happy Holidays! Sincerely, Katie Boudreaux

    Katie B. Irving, Texas
  • December 11, 2011 4 week urine/marking update Hi, Just wanted to let you guys know that things are better with Sugar! I have implemented most all of the recommendations with the exception of taking her in for a complete urinalysis and so far, knock wood, marking and inappropriate urination have stopped! Thanks, Lisa K. and Sugar

    Lisa K. Houston, Texas
  • 12/6/2011 3 week progress report Hi Mieshelle (and Cat Behavior Clinic!) This 3rd week update is a little late, as we are actually coming up on almost four weeks now. Bourdain continues to be using his litter box 100% - which is pretty excellent for us! It's kind of a milestone for us. It was not uncommon for a couple weeks to go by without any incidents, but three weeks is very unusual. We've had other good signs... we accidentally left the couch cushions down this past week and he slept on them instead of peeing on them. A towel fell off the rack onto the bathroom floor and it was still safe in the morning - normally if a bathmat or towel is on the ground, he would urinate on it. I have been sick with a really bad cold for the last week, so I admit the (behavior advice removed) because I was occupying the couch most of the time. However my boyfriend Kevin did make Bourdain his (behavior advice removed). Bourdain loves it! We don't even need to (advice removed). It's has (advice removed) that he has urinated on in the past, so hopefully it is serving its intended purpose. We had the results of Bourdain's urine culture - free and clear! No bacteria of any kind. The vet said he does not currently have urine crystals or an inflamed bladder lining. It's good to know he is healthy, but we also know he has had crystals in the past and could get them again. I am looking forward to the four week mark - one month really will be a big deal for us. Thanks so much :) Emma

    Emma B. Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Mieshelle, The girls have made real progress in week one! There has been no poop in the dining room since we spoke on 11.25.2011. Actually, I think that it may have stopped when I (behavior advice removed). The following is the list of changes made beginning last Friday (Nov. 25). 1. Cat boxes are (advice removed). 2. Cat food (advice removed). 3. Sprinkled (advice removed). 4. Added 2-3 Tablespoons of (advice removed). 5. Added another (advice removed). 6. Sprinkle (Advice removed) daily. 7. Added some (advice removed). 8. Ordered (advice removed) This week will be the ultimate test. I am leaving for 4 days and Sonny left last Tuesday. They will have their usual pet sitter who comes twice per day. She has the new instructions and will continue in my behalf. Hopefully they will be fine. We will continue to apprise you of their progress in week 2. Thanks for the help. I can’t wait to see how the (advice removed) and (advice removed) affect them. They both seem happier and less aggressive towards each other. Regards, Lynda and Sonny P.

    Sonny and Lynda P. Spring, Texas
  • Saturday, 11/12/2011 ONE WEEK OF IMPLEMENTING BEHAVIOR PLAN Hi Mieshelle, Sorry I couldn't write the first week. We had a terrible Nor'Easter the day before Halloween which devastated our town. We were out of power for 10 days. They actually cancelled Halloween because it was too dangerous with the fallen trees and downed power lines. Finally getting back to normal now. These are the things I have done so far the day after we talked: • 3 (behavior advice removed) • All litter boxes (advice removed) • I (behavior advice removed) • I am using (behavior advice removed) • Added 1/2 (advice removed) • They have 2 (advice removed) now. • (behavior advice removed) After really looking at Mittens poo, I realized you are right. It is (advice removed). I just always thought it was normal. I am getting the cats to the vet next week and will ask for help with that. He has still been pooping on the floor, but has used the box to poo several times as well, which is an improvement. The great news is that Boots has not chosen to go on the floor once! He loves his (behavior advice removed). The one in the basement was only used once, but is still available to them. I found one pee spot in the office since we talked. I haven't addressed anything in that room yet. Just as a side note, a strange thing has occurred - the cats NEVER sit in our laps in the evening. The very evening I talked to you, Boots climbed up on my lap while we were watching TV and sat with me for 1/2 hour! Since then, Mittens has been regularly sitting with me in the evening. Do you think they are just so happy with the (behavior advice removed) and the (behavior advice removed)? They do love, love, love the (behavior advice removed). Life is much better with these changes, thank you and I will keep you posted. Hopefully, Mittens will get more consistent. Melinda H.

    Melinda H. Simsbury, CT
  • 11/9/2011 Hi Mieshelle, First THANK YOU! This is the first follow up email since our session last Monday. There has been a vast improvement in Georgie chewing and eating non-food objects. Since our session, we (behavior advice removed) and she loves them. She will relentlessly (behavior advice removed). So far, we haven't discovered any new item is chewed on. We now put their (behavior advice removed) into three (advice removed). We haven't noticed anything different about their eating patterns. Yowng Yowng is still grooming himself, though I think it's slightly less than usual. He also doesn't seem to be quite as aggressive with Chacharoni and as often. We used to see him get very aggressive with her everyday, several times a day, but I realized today that I've seen him do that once in the last 4 days. We're also getting Yowng Yowng onto the (behavior advice removed) fall asleep on the couch. Yay! The new (advice removed) has been a big hit with Georgie, she loves it so much that she will sit in it and just hang out. I actually woke up this morning to see her sitting in the litter box for a very long time. I think that is all we've noticed so far since last week. Again, THANK YOU!!!!

    Julie M. Long Island City, NY
  • Wed 11/2/2011 7:55 PM Hi, I'm also sending our first weekly update with Odessa's progress. So far so good! No messes. We (behavior advice removed) and (behavior advice removed) and (behavior advice removed). The (behavior advice removed) in the room where Odessa was peeing inappropriately. Odessa (behavior advice removed) her afterwards. We kept her under close watch the first few days. She acted weird the first two nights so we (behavior advice removed) and she was quite happy. There have been a few other instances where she has (behavior advice removed) few hours in the day. She's been enjoying going outside as well. It took some adjustment but the cats seem to be happy sharing the space again. We are (behavior advice removed) but so far so good. Thanks again for your support, you were our "stitch in time"! Catherine Y.

    Catherine Y. Ventura, CA
  • From: Carolyn W. Sent: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 6:15 PM To: thecatbehaviorclinic.com Subject: Carolyn W. 11-2-11 Good evening. My new kittens have successfully completed their transition! Gus and Max seem to have adjusted well, so I see no reason to continue to update you all. No hissing from any of the cats, so I assume we have successfully merged the kittens with the older two. Thanks for your help! Carolyn

    Carolyn W. Ft. Mill, SC
  • 11/2/2011 Hi there, Thanks so much for a most inspiring, informative and comprehensive session. Even though I have read so many cat books from A-Z , not one mentioned all the invaluable tips and behavior modification techniques you gave us. We are so excited to implement these and create an even more harmonious environment for us all. Look forward to sending you feedback with positive RESULTS. We will definitely recommend you to our cat friends!!! Looking forward to receiving all the resource information you are going to email us. Gratefully, Annemarie B.

    Annemarie B. Weatherville, NC
  • 11/2/2011 Hi there, Thanks so much for a most inspiring, informative and comprehensive session. Even though I have read so many cat books from A-Z , not one mentioned all the invaluable tips and behavior modification techniques you gave us. We are so excited to implement these and create an even more harmonious environment for us all. Look forward to sending you feedback with positive RESULTS. We will definitely recommend you to our cat friends!!! Looking forward to receiving all the resource information you are going to email us. Gratefully, Annemarie B.

    Annemarie B. Weatherville, NC
  • 111/1/2011 Hi Mieshelle, Thanks for your follow up. I'm really happy (and incredibly relieved) about how things worked out. We haven't moved the (behavior advice removed) yet, but the cats have been down there for short supervised periods many times now without incident. So I think the final transition will be fine. Thanks for your thorough assessment and recommendations at the beginning. Best wishes, Heidi

    Heidi W. Philadelphia, PA
  • 10/7/2011 Hi Mieshelle, This week most of the (behavior advice removed). Already, things have improved. Bear is attacking Missy much less and Missy spends more time playing with Bear and less time sleeping. Yesterday, we got the (behavior advice removed). However, Bear managed several times to grab the (behavior advice removed) out of the closet and drag the thing out and run with it. I can’t even open the door that he is not going thru the closet to grab it and run. I also put the (behavior advice removed) on Bear. I will spend time this weekend (behavior advice removed) with them and see what happens. I also wanted to say that I REALLY APPRECIATED your time and advice and look forward to speaking with you again as things get better. I will update you next week. Tonya R.

    Tonya R. San Marcos, CA
  • Hi Mieshelle, We are so pleased and can't thank you enough. Our kitties are all using the litter boxes and after going through 2 other cat behaviorists (one of which quit returning my emails), my only regret is that we didn't consult with you right from the beginning. I feel like the litter box issues was important to solve, but I really am thankful we consulted with you because I didn't realize it was possible to improve my cats' general happiness just by changing the environment. I was really making huge mistake everywhere and you have been the only one so far who knew any of this. Pointing out the possible health issue with our one cat Jimmy was spot on and if we hadn't talked with you, his health would be much worse right now. I really feel this is also one of the reasons the cats weren't getting along, which like you said, could have also contributed to the litter box mayhem. The tips about diet were also very helpful. No wonder our cats were getting fat and not still not feeling satisfied. I really had no idea! I have to say that my husband and I have had cats all our lives and considered ourselves well-versed in "the cat", but we clearly didn't know it all like we thought. Not even close. So thank you again for the life changing results for my fur babies. Kind Regards, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth M. Brooklyn, NY
  • From: Linda R. [mailto:] Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 3:00 PM To: Mieshelle Nagelschneider Subject: Re: The Cat Behavior Clinic Mieshelle, I apologize for the long delay in replying to your last e-mails, which I really appreciated! I never thought I'd say this, but Rafael has been pooping in the box for 6 weeks straight! I'm amazed that he's made such a quick turnaround for a cat that hasn't pooped in the litter box for 3 years. Many thanks to you again. Your knowledge is invaluable. I didn't realize how much this problem had been a drain on my life (kind of like a bad marriage!), so I can't be more happy right now. You can add this to your long list of testimonials! Best regards, Linda

    Linda R. New York, NY
  • October 15th, 2011 Hi Mieshelle- So week 3 has come and gone and happily, there are no new issues to report! There still has not been any elimination outside of the litter boxes. After cleaning the couches with (behavior advice removed), I have noticed my other cat, Kuma start to actually come up on the couch with me and sit on the cushion next to me. That was a pleasant surprise. I am continuing to re-train Doodles, by (behavior advice removed) daily. The yowling has always been an issue. When he starts to yowl, I leave the room or ignore him and he carries on for several minutes before stopping. Sometimes when I go up to my office to do work and I'm using the phone, I'll shut the door and then he'll yowl when I do that too. Do you have any ideas for how to stop this behavior? Thanks again for your time and consideration. Jared N.

    Jared N. West Haven, Connecticut
  • October 15, 2011 Hello again, A few months ago you asked me to keep you posted about Paws; I can say since that Paws has been accident free for over 4 weeks now! Petsmart/banfield didnt really help with the medication, he ended up urinating a few days after the medication finished. I became upset, so I decided to (behavior advice removed) around the areas he urinated and other places near those areas. Ever since then he has not urinated on the floor! I have not removed the (behavior advice removed). So for now I'm leaving it. Just wanted to thank you for all your help (you were more help than the people at the vets). Thank you and take care, Carmen With Paws, Ninya, and Leon PS: No help needed, just wanted to let you know > /\„,„/ \ > ( =';'= ) >./*??*\ >(.|.|..| .|.)

    Carmen S. Fort Lewis, WA
  • October 25th, 2011 hello, all continues well. we even put the blanket back on the couch for a couple of nights with (behavior advice removed) and no marking anywhere this week. we will be introducing a carpet back to the area he marked before later this week. thank you, serena ---------------------------------------- > From: serena > To: info@thecatbehaviorclinic.com > Subject: serena > Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 23:18:25 -0700 > hello, > > we have continued with the program (behavior advice removed) that gray boy has marked in the past. > the cats seem more at ease with each other and gray boy appears more > confident over all. there has been no marking anywhere but we still have not introduced the target areas back into his environment. > > thank you, > serena n > > > From: serena > > Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 10:07 PM > > To: info@thecatbehaviorclinic.com > > Cc: Matthew > > Subject: serena 10.10.11 > > > > progress report for gray boy > > week 10.3-10.10 > > > > we have (behavior advice removed). we set up a second (behavior advice removed) both in separate > > areas and not near the litter boxes. both cats seem to use both. we > > def noticed nukie trying to (behavior advice removed) but have not seen any issues w this since the > > first day. we also (behavior advice removed) in the living room where the marking was occurring. > > > > we have started (behavior advice removed) the cats simultaneously but separately. > > > > gray boy really seems more relaxed over all. he has been more social > > and now sleeps on the upper back of the couch on a blanket where > > before only nukie went. > > last night they were both lying there together. a first in this new > > house. they take turns resting in different places and also sleep > > together. > > > > we have seen no incidence of marking urination. but we have (behavior advice removed). the test will be to return soft items to the area > > but we will wait a few weeks to try that. > > > > > > thank you, > > serena n. > > matthew a. > > >

    Serena N. Vancouver, BC
  • Hi Mieshelle, Really good news to report...I went away for three days this weekend and all was well. I didn't have the sitter check on them, so they didn't get their boxes scooped between Friday at noon and Sunday at 6 pm and there were no accidents. YAY! (Behavior advice removed) Overall, her anxiety seems better--as opposed to living under the bed when I'm not home, I think she's spending more time on the bed, which is usually a sign of her level of stress. Best, Wendy

    Wendy S.
  • 10/22/2011 Mieshelle, Thank you for your information and for our time together - I learned a lot! After our call, I went (behavior advice removed) showed it to Miss Loo...and she has used it. Then, yesterday afternoon, I cleaned up the litter box upstairs and took it away. (Behavior advice removed). This morning, she went up there and Tang and I heard some thumping. I was a little anxious - could the thumping be her 'covering' pee on the carpet? No pee - I think she ended up (behavior advice removed)- it had moved - and that was the thumping. So - we're all set. Thus far, no peeing upstairs, we are having more (behavior advice removed). All pretty good, I think! I also (behavior advice removed). We'll see what happens - I am very interested as to whether or not I'll see a difference. I will hope to, esp for Tang. Thank you again for all your great help with my great kitties. I was so anxious and now feel much better! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Cyndi S.

    Cyndi S. Norfolk, Virginia
  • 1st update: From: Tiffany G. [mailto:] Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 8:58 PM To: Mieshelle Nagelschneider Subject: Tiffany G. 10/14/2011 Hi Mieshelle! I just want to let you know that Roscoe's been very good this past week. He hasn't had any "accidents" after I followed your advice. I bought the special (behavior advice removed) using and I think both of my cats loved it!.. I also (behavior advice removed) my entire apartment space and I've been (behavior advice removed) targeted areas. So far, he's been really playful and happy and his diarrhea issues went away.. He never had any watery stools after the conversation we had last week and I didn't even change his diet or anything... Now I'm thinking that he probably had stress induced colitis for a long time. Im very positive about his progress and Im hoping he would stay that way. I will keep you posted next week. Thanks! October 2011 2nd update Fri 10/21/2011 7:00 PM: Hi! OMG! Roscoe is doing great! He never had any accidents since then and his stool actually looks even better than last week ( again w/ the same diet that he's been having in the past). It's not loose and doesn't stink at all. I also noticed that they prefer to use the litter box that doesn't (behavior advice removed). One thing I noticed is he's become more "dominant" and it seemed like he's gained his "crown" again as a top cat but I guess it really doesn't matter .. =) Til' next week! I will keep you posted! Thanks!

    Tiffany G. Seattle, WA
  • (from phone follow-up October 2011) Mieshelle, The man who used to approach the cat stroller who use to think Foxxy was the meanest cat, he says she’s not the same cat she used to be. No more hissing or mean cat. She is a totally different cat now! But the biggest change was in me. You taught me to understand cats and how to approach cats. One thing: Do not (behavior advice removed) her and (behavior advice removed) and always (behavior advice removed). That made a big difference. I can brush her now. She doesn’t claw or hiss anymore. I learned not to do (behavior advice removed) and that worked. Toys. Foxxy never played before I met you. Now she goes crazy for toys like my other cat does and like you said, was the biggest part of making her happy and actually be a cat. You taught me how to talk to cats. It makes me very emotional to talk about this. Because cats are so intelligent and so calming and she is so happy now, but I sense that she really appreciates what I’ve done for her. It’s like she’s saying thank you and knows I care about her even more and that alone adds to her happiness and well being. Foxxy right now is making a big fuss with me wanting me to pet her now. This has never happened to me before. Rubbing all over me like Christian the Lion. Have you seen that video on You tube? I cried for the longest time when I said that Lion and how he related to his owners. Now I have this experience too with my cat. Mieshelle, you are an amazing person. You have not only changed my cat, you have changed me too --- my personality in some way. I have never been sentimental. Instead, I’ve been a realistic and always down to business. Because of you teaching me how to connect with my cats, I have become much more sentimental and feel for the first time, my emotions inside. I am so much more joyful and in just the small things in life. My life is joyful now. Joy of small things. Being kind to cats may seem small, but it is life changing for me. You have taken a human being and shown them to be more caring. You have done that for me and now at 75 and even with Parkinson’s disease, I am feeling alive and joy like never before. A leaf got stuck to Foxxy’s cat stroller and I noticed it and brought it in and painted it and pressed it against paper. I have never done anything like this in my life. Self-confidence is something else you gave me: You talked with me and made me understand cats finally. I can now relate to my cats so well. And it helps with other things. If I got Foxxy to stop hissing and attacking, I can do anything! I do things now I would never do before. There was a storm the other night and the next day leaves and branches were all over the apartment complex. I took out my Great Grandson’s plastic pail and rake and decided to go out and clean it up. While I was out there other people came to help me and offered me a real rake. Before, I would have never had the confidence to go out there and do something like that. The manager even gave me a $25.00 gift certificate at a restaurant and the other ladies got one too. For the first time, we are going to put on skirts and dress up and go out on the town. I haven’t worn a skirt in 40 years. Before talking to you, I would have just stayed in and thought “ I can’t go out there and do anything like cleaning up leaves”. And now I have new friends in the apartment complex and before we never talked to each other. Thank you, Mieshelle. You have not only changed my cat Foxxy, but you have changed my life. I’m happier now than at any other time in my life. You always hear of people wanting to relive their 30’s or 40’s. But not me. I am the happiest I’ve ever been and Foxxy is happy now too. Shirley D.

    Shirley D. Mechanicburg, PA
  • (from phone follow-up October 2011) Mieshelle, The man who used to approach the cat stroller who use to think Foxxy was the meanest cat, he says she’s not the same cat she used to be. No more hissing or mean cat. She is a totally different cat now! But the biggest change was in me. You taught me to understand cats and how to approach cats. One thing: Do not (behavior advice removed) her and (behavior advice removed) and always (behavior advice removed). That made a big difference. I can brush her now. She doesn’t claw or hiss anymore. I learned not to do (behavior advice removed) and that worked. Toys. Foxxy never played before I met you. Now she goes crazy for toys like my other cat does and like you said, was the biggest part of making her happy and actually be a cat. You taught me how to talk to cats. It makes me very emotional to talk about this. Because cats are so intelligent and so calming and she is so happy now, but I sense that she really appreciates what I’ve done for her. It’s like she’s saying thank you and knows I care about her even more and that alone adds to her happiness and well being. Foxxy right now is making a big fuss with me wanting me to pet her now. This has never happened to me before. Rubbing all over me like Christian the Lion. Have you seen that video on You tube? I cried for the longest time when I said that Lion and how he related to his owners. Now I have this experience too with my cat. Mieshelle, you are an amazing person. You have not only changed my cat, you have changed me too --- my personality in some way. I have never been sentimental. Instead, I’ve been a realistic and always down to business. Because of you teaching me how to connect with my cats, I have become much more sentimental and feel for the first time, my emotions inside. I am so much more joyful and in just the small things in life. My life is joyful now. Joy of small things. Being kind to cats may seem small, but it is life changing for me. You have taken a human being and shown them to be more caring. You have done that for me and now at 75 and even with Parkinson’s disease, I am feeling alive and joy like never before. A leaf got stuck to Foxxy’s cat stroller and I noticed it and brought it in and painted it and pressed it against paper. I have never done anything like this in my life. Self-confidence is something else you gave me: You talked with me and made me understand cats finally. I can now relate to my cats so well. And it helps with other things. If I got Foxxy to stop hissing and attacking, I can do anything! I do things now I would never do before. There was a storm the other night and the next day leaves and branches were all over the apartment complex. I took out my Great Grandson’s plastic pail and rake and decided to go out and clean it up. While I was out there other people came to help me and offered me a real rake. Before, I would have never had the confidence to go out there and do something like that. The manager even gave me a $25.00 gift certificate at a restaurant and the other ladies got one too. For the first time, we are going to put on skirts and dress up and go out on the town. I haven’t worn a skirt in 40 years. Before talking to you, I would have just stayed in and thought “ I can’t go out there and do anything like cleaning up leaves”. And now I have new friends in the apartment complex and before we never talked to each other. Thank you, Mieshelle. You have not only changed my cat Foxxy, but you have changed my life. I’m happier now than at any other time in my life. You always hear of people wanting to relive their 30’s or 40’s. But not me. I am the happiest I’ve ever been and Foxxy is happy now too. Shirley D.

    Shirley D. Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Mieshelle, After beginnig Smokey's behavior plan, we saw an immediate difference in his behavior. We have been faithfully keeping up with everything you said, from taking ourselves out of the equation (behavior advice removed). We purchased (behavior advice removed). We have been (behavior advice removed) and we immediately saw a difference. He already seems like he is able to self-soothe much more effectively. His meowing for food is already minimal to none, and when he does, it only lasts for a second and he'll stop. He eats all of the food on his plate (no longer a bowl) and (behavior advice removed). He still does a little bit of the walking in your path, but that has drastically lessened as well. The biting has only occurred with my boyfriend, and I think it was petting-induced. Otherwise, it's like magic has been performed. My mom says that he sleeps through the ENTIRE night and doesn't bother AT ALL anymore. We have not experienced the "it will get worse before it will get better" phenomenon because it has only gotten better! Really, from the first night. I gave him his new toy and he looked almost drunk with pleasure! Ha. He looked like he almost didn't know what to make of this "new feeling." He definitely seems happier and less stressed, and we definitely are, too! Thank you SO much! Tina and Carolyn S.

    Tina and Carolyn S. Glen Burnie, Maryland
  • Thanks Mieshelle for the kind words and thanks for doing what you do. There are so many of us folks with cats that just don’t understand how their minds work and we need people like you to help us care for our companions. Take care, Jim Here is another shot of BC the Wonder Cat (happy cat!):

    James R. Forest Hills, New York
  • -----Original Message----- From: crys [mailto:] Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 10:46 AM To: mieshelle@thecatbehaviorclinic.com Subject: CRYSTAL STANLEY -- 05/11/11 -- Status Report #2 Hi Mieshelle, All in all, a good week! Here's how our week went: Jen Spraying: No incidents to report. Still keeping (behavior advice removed). Jen Pooping outside of the litter box: No incidents to report.! Have been (behavior advice removed) by the pans, and Jen has been using these pans in the basement very nicely all week. Separation: Still (behavior advice removed). S.F.: Continuing the (Behavior advice removed). S.E: (Behavior advice removed) P.P: (Behavior advice removed) Please note: Jen has never "played" with anything. However, there are many little catnip cat toys throughout the house, and he has always carried them off into the basement. They "disappear" and end up in the basement! Then, I'll bring them back upstairs, and he will start to bring them down again. It's like a little game we play. He hoards the little toys and brings them into a place of his choosing! F.S. (Behavior advice removed). Brief Encounters: I have been carrying Percy over and "showing him" to Jen, and then taking him away right away. I also open the pocket door frequently, just for a few seconds, to let them see each other. Jen is coming to the pocket door more frequently, and seems more confident, even with Percy in view. Yesterday morning (Tuesday, 5/10) they were on the table together with the wheat grass, and Jen was purring loudly! They were together a couple of minutes before I (behavior advice removed). This morning, Percy was going downstairs before I could carry him down, and Jen was heading for the kitchen where I do his morning grooming, etc. and Percy rushed him before I could intervene. I immediately brought him to the other side of the pocket door. Please note, however, that Jen did not seem afraid. He merely sat down where he was while I was carrying Percy out of the room. Jen: He is purring frequently, something he rarely did. He is really blossoming. He is also becoming more affectionate, comes running to me when I open the pocket door, and is talking to me more frequently. I still don't know what he's saying, but we'll get there, I'm sure. He is still skittish, but much less than he was. I'm very pleased with the progress thus far. Percy: (Behavior advice removed). End of Status Report #2 Crystal S. -------------------------------------------------------------------- mail2web.com - MicrosoftR Exchange solutions from a leading provider - http://link.mail2web.com/Business/Exchange

    Crystal S. Hempstead, NY
  • From: Deb M. [mailto:] Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2011 12:03 PM To: Mieshelle Nagelschneider Subject: Deb Matlock 7/31 Hello Mieshelle, This is my update for George and Lucy. They have done quite well this week. No hissing, no fighting...generally good tolerance of each other. I guess we will keep on doing what we are doing and hope that the peace and harmony continues! Is there additional information you would like for me to be including in these update emails? Thanks! ~Deb M.

    Deb M. Layayette, CO
  • From: Karen S. [mailto:] Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2011 6:31 PM To: Mieshelle Nagelschneider Subject: Ready for Follow-Up Hi Mieshelle, I am home for the weekend and the cats are doing great with one another. Once in awhile, Starr vies for my attention over BeeGee, but for the most part they are doing great. I even caught them nuzzling each other a little as they passed each other a couple of times over the past 2 days! Thank you so much for your help . . I was so worried that this would not be possible when I first contacted you. It actually took about 2 months rather than 4 months when I did this on my own. I do my own (behavior advice removed), while the cats are elsewhere. They are realizing that's the new routine and Starr is not freaking any longer at the sight of the vacuum cleaner. I have to travel again next week, but we are back to normal with only my sister coming in to my house when I am away. Starr is (behavior advice removed) -- (to be safe, I think) and BeeGee is just fine. I may try her without (behavior advice removed) when I can work from home for a few weeks and monitor her. Pet socks forever (social facilitation)! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Karen

    Karen S. Fortmill, South Carolina
  • August 2011 Thank you Mieshelle - I really enjoyed our meeting. I'm already seeing great results with (behavior advice removed) when I think he's going to pounce. It works like a charm and he just walks away in boredom. I look forward to reading and incorporating the info you sent, and I'll keep you posted. Thanks much, Sandi (Bleu's mom)

    Sandi S. Colorado Springs, CO
  • Testimonial September 30th, 2011 (inter-cat Aggression w/Urine) Thanks so much for all of your help Mieshelle. Things around here are much calmer and much less stressful. Everybody is doing well and behaving well. Im so grateful to have stumbled across you online for my mental health and my cats mental health. I'm so excited this worked. My kitties seem less stressed and happier and that makes me feel so much better as a kitty mommy. Sincerely, Rachel S.

    Rachel S. (5 cats Aggression w/urine) Ashland, Virginia
  • Yes, I helped these owners find there missing cat with a phone call 4500 miles away. From: kurtr[mailto:] Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2011 8:54 AM To: Mieshelle Nagelschneider Cc: Subject: Re: Kitty sighting Great News Michelle! We caught her using (behavior advice removed). Thanks for all of your help. She is currently sleeping in our bed and is very friendly and happy. Perhaps we can touch base with you to close the loop and figure out how to prevent her wandering in the future. Thanks again, Regards from Debra and Kurt

    Debra R. \"Namaste\" Plymouth, Minnesota
  • Update 3/10/2011 Mieshelle, Since doing these changes, Tigger has been going exclusively in either of the two new boxes! Typically she is pooping one to two times per day...more at the beginning of the change, it seems to be slowing down a bit now... and peeing regularly. Her poop seems less smelly and runny, and I haven't seen any blood or mucus. There have been two incidents where a little bit of poop is on the floor not too far from the box...almost like she had some stuck on her and wiped herself? That's been the only thing so far. Thank you!! Anna Anne Mills

    Anna M.
  • Hi Mieshelle, This is my one week follow up email for Sammy. I am happy to report he has had no spraying or elimination issues since we spoke. The changes I made immediately: - Moved the (behavior advice removed) - (Behavior advice removed) - Added (Behavior advice removed) - (Behavior advice removed) each stairway landing where the urination has occurred in the past - (Behavior advice removed) Thank you for the behavior plan, I will continue to follow-up. I will email you in one week! Patti K. From: Patti K. [mailto:] Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2011 10:01 PM To: mieshelle@thecatbehaviorclinic.com Subject: Patti K. 7/21 Hi Mieshelle, Everything is still going wonderfully. (Behavior advice removed) in the bedroom. I will email you next week. Patti From: Patti K. [mailto:] Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 7:40 PM To: mieshelle@thecatbehaviorclinic.com Subject: Patti K. 7/29 Hi Mieshelle, Everything is still going great! We have had no inappropriate urination. I will email you next week. Patti From: Patti Kinnison [mailto:] Sent: Monday, September 12, 2011 9:17 PM To: 'Mieshelle Nagelschneider' Subject: RE: The Cat Behavior Clinic FOLLOW-UP Thanks for getting back to me Mieshelle! I really don’t have any questions for you right now. I don’t have any techniques to decrease or remove either. Everything is working really well and I am grateful for that. I will be signing up for another consultation regarding my cat Maggie, who lives in isolation right now. I’d like to get her peacefully living with the rest of us. Thank you again for all your great advice!! I have told several people about your services. I’ll be in touch soon. Patti K.

    Patti K. Liberty Lake, WA
  • From: Kim [mailto:] Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 11:00 AM To: mieshelle Subject: check in (week1) for Beatnik hi Mieshelle- I (behavior advice removed) and mygod! he's in the litter box all the time! i swear he's eating/drinking just to have an excuse to use it more often. i'm currently using a medium size box i had bought when i first got him (i only used it for a couple weeks then) and have ordered a high sided corned litter box (his digging gets a little messy) his mood is calmer which is awesome! i have yet to re-introduce the dry-cleaned comforter (one step at a time and i wanted to start w the litter...) but will probably try the (behavior advice removed) and comforter combo this weekend. i have started giving him (behavior advice removed). thank you for all your suggestions! i love the (behavior advice removed)! -Kim July 15th, 2011 Hi Mieshelle! Beatnik is still enamored w the (behavior advice removed). I switched to a high cornered litter box to keep the litter in more. He was a little apprehensive the first day but he's fine with it now. He has still exhibited some of his "pay attention to me!" behavior when I have company over, but as long as we play with him and his toys, he's better. I have yet to put the new comforter back on the bed (I still have some anxiety over that) but have been practicing the (behavior advice removed). and I did the (behavior advice removed) for when I do put the comforter on. He's been much more calm and relaxed which is huge! overall, thumb up! Thanks, Kim

    Kim W. \"Beatnik\" the cat Sandiego, CA
  • Hi, I can't find Mieshelle"s email address. Could you let her know that Tiger continues to do very well. We have not had any incidents of urination since we changed the litter. I still (behavior advice removed) on the sofa before I feed him every day and he loves that. He and Gwen continue to tussle on a fairly regular basis even though we created a utopia for them. But the biggest issue has been resolved so we are all very happy! Thanks, Judy M. and "Tiger" the Bengal

    Judy M. and \"Tiger\" the Bengal Stamford, CT
  • September 2011 (2 weeks into the behavior plan) Update on Shadow using the cat door. I've been busy at work and the weather has started getting bad, so I haven't been outside on the patio much lately. I think we have finally achieved success!! It has been cold, windy, and rainy the past couple of days, so I really don't want the flap propped open. Two nights ago, he was sitting next to the regular cat door flap, acting like he wanted to go out. I went over and pushed it open for him but he didn't go out. A while later, the same thing happened, I pushed it open for him, only this time, he went out. I went out and checked and he had urinated in the box. I decided to leave the flap down and go to bed. The next morning, I went out and checked, and he had urinated in the litter box again during the night, which means he went in and out through the flap.. So last night, I decided to just leave the flap down and take my chances. Monday 9/19 This morning, I checked the box and he had used it at least twice since last night. So this proves he knows how to go in and out the regular flap!!! Monday evening - I came home from work and was talking on the phone. I noticed Shadow sitting near the closed cat flap. He looked at me a couple of times and I walked out of the room. While I was out, he went through the cat door to use the litter box!!! I am going to continue using (behavior advice removed) and going out on the deck when its nice enough out, but I do think we have turned the corner on this cat flap, finally!!!! Tuesday evening I was at home after work sitting on the couch. He went out through the regular cat door flap, used the litter box, hung out on the deck for a while, then popped back through. I almost cannot believe he finally is doing it. Such a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Erin M.

    Erin M. and Shadow Seattle, WA
  • Hi Mieshelle, Well, this is it; the end of a 6-week long adventure! I've attached some major milestones, a list of what Alex and I have learned, and a few questions that I've been saving to ask you. My Plog for the week is also included. It's the last time you'll have to plow through so much verbosity; thanks for being so patient! I have shared your website address and Alex's progress with our vet. I am hoping he will pass on the information to that despairing cat owner who feels that the only option is the unthinkable. Also, would it be possible to pre-order a signed copy of your upcoming book? I know it would make a valuable addition to my library. You have been an amazing therapist for Alex. Thank you so much; the advice and tools you provided have greatly improved his quality of life - and mine! Take Care, Meg PS: Office Manager, it was nice to meet you, too; thanks for being so prompt with your emails, and always keeping me in the loop!

    Meg K. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Mieshelle, Hi. I just wanted to thank you. It's been over 6 months and my cat has not urinated once outside the box since I made the changes you recommended! You saved my sanity- and most importantly my husband no longer wants to get rid of my sweet fur baby. The two cats are getting along better too! An-D

    Andrea K. Roselle, NJ
  • From Veterinarian Dr. Terrence K. Dear Mieshelle! It's been a while since we touched base! I wanted to give you an update on Little Man, and our new life in Boston! Things have certainly been interesting! All in all, Little Man's fabric eating has diminished in both occurrence and severity. He still can't quite resist an unsupervised plastic bag, but as far as fabric goes....let's just say we don't have to hide our dishtowels anymore! We moved to Boston, and got a puppy, Amelia. Our best guess as to her breed would be a Bernese Mountain Dog/Basset Hound? About 35 lbs. See attached photo (with extra static in the ears!). The fact that Little Man's behavior got so much better once the dog was in the household, leads me to believe he was "bored." Now, perhaps this would indicate some type of cat autism, because his previous level of stimulation would be enough for any other average cat, and yet holes were appearing in bedsheets, and any fabric left vulnerable. In short, we got the dog, and Little Man was darling as always, and he and the dog now play together, chase the same balls, etc. Little Man has even tried to steal her rawhide bone on occasion. It's almost like he is constantly observing what the dog is up to, so much that he has no time for fabric consumption? Little Man's sister Chloe remains indifferent as always! That isn't all. Two weeks ago...enter "Kosmo". Kosmo is MY 4 year old beefcake of a kitty, who has been with my mother in CA for the past couple of years along with my other little ferral crazy kitty "Face." Face passed away this past December from heart failure. Face was always dominant and Kosmo was always "nervous". We were a little worried that Chloe and Little Man would dominate Kosmo, just like Face had, making Kosmo's location adjustment challenging. We were wrong. Little Man and Kosmo have very very similar loving personalities (Kosmo does NOT have any of the weird eating fabric/plastic issues...) and I am very surprised how well the three cats and the one dog are getting along. We've invested in a tall cat tower (which...ahem, all three cats seem to fat for the middle hiding space) and everyone is sharing, and cuddly, and honestly, more ACTIVE that before Kosmo arrived. Thanks again for the valuable input you provided in the past! Animals are SO fascinating!! Sincerely, Terence K. DVM

    Veterinarian Dr. Terrence K. Boston, MA
  • Subject: Fran V. 7/12/2011 Week 2 Mieshele, We are feeling much better (as is Emilio) and much encouraged - it was a good week! 7/5 PM - I forgot to mention in my last e-mail that we are (behavior advice removed) twice per day. Also, (behavior advice removed) and 6:30 PM Played with (behavior advice removed) followed by (behavior advice removed). 7/6 We were up at 5AM - went to work-home @ 5PM. Emilio was in the house/on the porch all day-NO SPRAYS, but noticed that he went to his litterbox in the basement and peed outside the box-not sure it was a spray, may have just missed. (Behavior advice removed). He seems less agitated and more loving. (Behavior advice removed) followed by (behavior advice removed). 7/7 Sprayed (Behavior advice removed) Placed 3 more (behavior advice removed) outside 10AM - and (behavior advice removed). No sprays today - good day!! 7PM Played with (behavior advice removed) - Let him sleep (behavior advice removed). 7/8 No sprays! He slept good and through the night 6AM - played with the iPad mouse ap It rained today, so we were hoping he would do well. He was on the porch after the rain - no problems so far. We (behavior advice removed). 7/9 Saturday was a sunny day - no sprays since Tuesday!! We took down the (behavior advice removed) and he now has Master Bedroom and Bathroom privileges back! (he likes to look out the windows in these rooms). Still using (behavior advice removed) and (behavior advice removed). He seems much more loving and like our old Emilio. 7/10 Sunny day - no problems (sprays) today. 7/11 Another day with NO SPRAYS!!! 7/12 Sunny day so cats spent time out on the porch. Nothing new today. Kitties are getting along better, also. Gigi has not been hissing at Emilio for a few days. No sprays. More next week! From: fvitale@columbus.rr.com [mailto:fvitale@columbus.rr.com] Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 6:48 PM To: mieshelle@thecatbehaviorclinic.com Cc: lvitale@columbus.rr.com; fvitale@columbus.rr.com Subject: Fran and Lou Vitale 7/19 Week 3 7/13 - We continue to follow our daily routines. Emilio has been perfect - No Sprays!! He was up at 1AM, but went back to sleep - up again at 5:15AM (behavior advice removed); he and his sister are getting along much better this week (she is not hissing at him) - I think she senses that things are getting back to normal... 7/14 - (behavior advice removed). NO URINE SPRAY. Up at 3AM, but went back to sleep 7/15, 7/16, 7/17 - Same daily routine, NO URINE SPRAY, sleeping through the night. Enjoying time out on our screened in porch every day! Did the (Behavior advice removed). 7/18 - Same daily routine. 7/19 - (Behavior advice removed). NO SPRAYS!!!!!!!! -----Original Message----- From: fvitale@columbus.rr.com [mailto:fvitale@columbus.rr.com] Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 11:36 AM To: mieshelle@thecatbehaviorclinic.com Cc: lvitale@columbus.rr.com; fvitale@columbus.rr.com Subject: Lou and Fran Vitale 7/26/11 Week 4 The routine has been the same every day this week. We continue to (behavior advice removed). He has been very calm and sleeping through the night. We haven't seen any stray cats for weeks. We only had one incident on Saturday - we had taken a picture of Emilio and his sister Gina and had it enlarged to hang in Lou's office. When he brought it in and set it against the wall while he was getting ready to hang it, Emilio saw it, crouched down, and his tail got very big around! I picked him up and carried him to his litterbox (i was afraid he would spray) so he could pee in his box. He did, we hung the picture, and he has been fine. That evening, we went to dinner, and arrived home after dark. Usually, he comes to the door to greet us, but this time he didn't. As I was walking through the house, I heard him yelling (like he was in pain), so I ran to find him. He was looking out the window, his tail enlarged again, so I picked him up and (behavior advice removed). He seemed calm after that. I wondered if he saw a stray or could he have been having a dream (about the picture that he saw earlier)? Not sure, because we didn't see a cat in the yard, but it was dark and he could have run away. If so, haven't seen one since. No sprays again this week! He is like our old Emilio again :). I think perhaps it is time for our follow-up...please advise the next step! Fran V.

    Fran and Lou V. Powell, Ohio
  • From: Donna M. Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 1:55 PM To: Mieshelle Nagelschneider Subject: 5th report on Aggie Hi, Sorry I didn't do a report last week - very busy. I had all the downstairs (behavior advice removed). The carpet looks and smells 100% better. I was worried that Aggie might pee on the "new" carpet to mark it, but so far, no problem. Thank you for your wonderful solutions to her urine marking/litter box problem! It was amazing how she (and the 2 other cats) immediately went to the (behavior advice removed. I (behavior advice removed) all the carpet problem areas for several days. I also had her vet check for urinary problems. Thank you again for your help - you are a blessing to cat owners. I don't think I need any follow-up since all is going well. I will recommend you to anyone having feline problems. Donna M.

    Donna M. Missourri City, Texas
  • Urine testimonial (second one from client) Subject: Pamela B. 9/19/11 - after vacation I’m back from vacation and I’m thrilled that Giz made it through without an “accident”! Wooohoooo! Last night I added a previously peed upon bed back to the living room. Bella is thrilled (I caught her sleeping in her new bed last night)! I fully expect it to make it through the next couple of days and then we’re home free! Who would’ve thunk it would be such a simple change??? Pamela B.

    Pamela B. Houston, Texas
  • Latest (last report 7/22/2011) from New Zealand! Long term no-Urine marking SUCCESS! Hello Again I have nothing to report. There has been no marking or urinating on the lounge suite. Emmy and Oscar have had vet checks this week and are well and have put on weight and the vets are much happier with them especially Oscar after whatever was going on with him a few months ago. I am back to work and university next week so it will be interesting to see how they react to having less cuddle/play/chat time. I will endeavor to keep the play time up with them on a daily basis. I have a new lounge suite arriving in a couple of weeks so hope there is no adverse reaction to something new in their environment! They have a new (behavior advice removed) they have immediately taken to. That is all for now. Kind regards Val M. Sent from my iPad Subject: Fwd: Val M. update 15/07/2011 Greetings! No marking or urinating or untoward behaviour at all to report. All good. Regards Val Sent from my iPad Subject: Fwd: Val M. update 08/07/2011 Hello, I am very pleased to report that there has been no more marking this week. I've had a folded towel draped down a part of the sofa and instead of marking it it is being used as a sleeping place. All appears in reasonable balance. Kind regards Val Sent from my iPad Subject: Fwd: Val M. update 01/07/2011 Good Morning Great week with no marking again. Have found a bunch to nylon stings that someone made for Oscar and Emmy and this is the one prey type toy that gets Emmy excited and engaged in playing with. Oscar will play with anything. So here's hoping for another week of purrfect behavior. Kind regards Val Sent from my iPad Subject: Fwd: Val M. update 24/06/2011 Greetings. All good news this week with no marking at all. The only difference has been (behavior advice removed). Emmy, who I suspect is the marker, has even taken to sleeping on the towel she used to mark on that was sitting in the place she marks. Oscar and Emmy have been very settled and contented and obviously enjoying having people round all day. Kind regards Val Sent from my iPad

    Val M. New Zealand
  • Thanks for sharing all your knowledge; it’s really starting to pay dividends for us. It’s hard to believe in just a few weeks we have our Chloe back. Obviously, we still have some ways to go, but we are very happy to have come this far. Regards, Chris C.

    Christoper C. Union, NJ
  • Dear Mieshelle, I am sorry to be a little late with my update this week, but have been unwell. Miffy continues to use the litter box on a regular basis with no accidents or misbehaving of any kind. Playtime has become a regular thing with the laser mice continuing to be a favorite activity. Muffy, the smaller and lighter cat, is the far more active of the two although Miffy's level of activity has increased during those games. We continue to be very pleased with the behavioral changes in our little fuzz ball, and are very grateful for your help. Best wishes from Geraldine M. Sent from my iPad

    Geraldine M. Windsor, CT
  • Hello! Just wanted to send you a couple photos of Bullet and one of our other cats, Dez (Bullet is the solid grey kitty). Thank you so much for your advice! We have already seen results! I look forward to your email. Thanks again! Jasmin B.

    Jasmin B. San Carlos, CA
  • Hi Mieshelle, I just wanted to report that we have had NO incidents of Gizmo eliminating anywhere other than the litterbox. Here’s what I did: I (behavior advice removed). Oh! My (behavior advice removed) came on Friday and we got them all up on the wall. I’m attaching a couple of pictures! I love ‘em, and the kitties love to jump from one to another when we’re doing our little prey sequence! Thanks so much for your help!!!

    Pamela B. Houston, Texas
  • Hello Mieshelle, I am not sure if you got my update 5. I sent it last week. I am sending this week's update a little early since I am going away for the weekend. What a success! I feel like Ella had her final exam this past weekend and passed with flying colors. I had friends over, with blankets and suitcases and bags in my open loft apartment. Generally this would have been nerve wracking since she had previously always urinated on anything comfy like a blanket that was left out and definitely on any bags etc that people left out. We went in and out of my apartment all weekend with NO ACCIDENTS! I am so happy I could cry. I feel like I have my life back, not having to worry about these things. I don't have to do laundry of cat urine soaked items if I leave a towel on the ground my mistake. Ella is SO happy, too. She is awesome, friendly, playful - we are playing fetch right now actually. She is a joy to have around, I am so glad I didn't give her away because of this problem. I can't believe this worked. I am ready for my 6 week follow up. It would be great to touch base, as I am nearly ready to (behavior advice removed). Please let me know what works for you! Thanks SO much. Jenny and Ella

    Jennifer S. New London, CT
  • Happy Cats and Happy People Make it All Worthwhile

    Everything is still going good and will let you know how it continues.  Thank you for all you have done for us.  We are recommending you highly to others that we know.  Have a wonderful long weekend.  :)

    C.S., San Diego, CA
  • Yes, But How Did You Know Our Email Address?


    This has to be quick -- Mom doesn't know I'm using the 'puter!

    Anyhow, I'm glad we're friends.  I don't want you to forget me, so here's a picture of me at home.  I'm getting ready for a nap -- I've been swamped catching up on playtime since I got back.  Phew!  I don't know how you people do that driving around on errands thing.  Too much work!

    So far, I've been working -- making sure the cars, birds, and plants are all in the right spots, and I've eaten, slept, played, and now I'm done today.

    Thank you for the fun time ;) 

    rave reviews for feline behavior consulting


    TI, Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • Rory Was a Pussycat

    My cat, Rory, is a challenging willful feline with definite likes/dislikes, but Mieshelle was a calm soothing presence that allowed Rory the time and space to adjust. In fact, it wasn't long before Rory was rubbing against Mieshelle and demanding her attention! Mieshelle was very understanding of Rory's personality and I have peace of mind because I know Rory is in competent caring hands.

    -- Bernadette Latin
  • References Upon Recommendations

    Hi Mieshelle,

    It was nice to meet you last evening.  I have talked to a few of your references and they all extol your abilities!

    - Phil
  • Callie's All Right

    Just an update on my girl 'Callie'......

    Everything is going fine! :)

    Charmaine, California

    Charmaine, California
  • You're Welcome

    Dear Mieshelle

    Everything worked out fine.  Your advice was the best.

    The cats were fine and very affectionate.

    Thanks for your help. I hope everything is well with you.

    Elaine, California

    Elaine, California
  • "You Are a Dream Come True"

    You are a dream come true.

    If this community valued cats as they do dogs, we'd have no real problems.

    -- K.C., major animal welfare organization, Portland, OR
  • She's a Quick Study

    Mieshelle may know more about cats than any shrink knows about human beings. She viscerally comprehends cat psychology, and is deeply intuitive. I've never seen someone so quickly size up an animal and truly understand the nature of its challenges, nor someone who (when she works in person) so speedily earns a cat's trust.

    Mieshelle is the cat behaviorist of first resort for those who already know her work -- and last resort for people whose cats don't like anyone else, or who just aren't getting better through others' advice.

    -- C.P., Portland, Ore.
  • Trust Us

    Mieshelle's professionalism and expertise are top-notch and all we can emphasize after running into a pet behavior problem within our household is -- after consulting with Mieshelle -- for you to trust the process and be persistent.  Even when she made recommendations that seemed counter-intuitive to us as pet lovers, we found that by [sic] thoroughly following Mieshelle's advice brought about both quick and positive results with our cats.  Our home has returned to a place of peace; everyone is happy.  Thanks, Mieshelle.

    S.T. Lake Oswego , OR
  • Consultations In Person Aren't Necessary, But They're More Fun

    The cats were still sleeping when Mieshelle arrived at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I invited her to come in and we talked for a while.  After a short while still no sign of the cats.  So we decided to go on a house tour and when we went upstairs the cats awoke from their nap.  Pharaoh and Annabelle watched from a distance and Mieshelle approached them calmly and let them sniff her finger.  She talked to them in a gentle voice and they did not run away and were not scared at all.  I couldn’t believe it; Pharaoh rubbed his face on her hand. 

    That is very unusual for them, as they generally hide when someone comes to the house.  Daphne our youngest never presents a problem, as she likes everyone.  As we went downstairs the cats came downstairs with us and Mieshelle played with them and they enjoyed getting petted.  She made instant friends.  I was so relieved.

    I am very particular when it comes to my cats, but Mieshelle put me at ease.  What I like about her is her calm manner and her extensive feline behavioral knowledge.  She gave me some very good hints.  I feel completely comfortable putting my cats in her care.

    Silvia Koon
  • 4 Stars for Moving Cats Across the United States by Car

    Just thought you’d like an update on how our two furry girls fared on the 3-day drive to Colorado. They did very, very well.  The crate and car training made a huge difference, especially for Roberta, who is blind.  By the time we left, she was sleeping in her crate all day/night every day and thought of it as her own personal little house. 

    And she was very used to the smells and sounds of the car as well. Both cats ate and drank and used the litter box even with the car in motion.  By the third day, Robbie (blind one) just hung out in her crate with the door open and used the litter box any time she liked.  When hungry or thirsty, she let us know and all was well.  So thanks very, very much for all your help.  It made a huge difference.  If you ever need a recommendation to client, we’d be very happy to give you 4 stars.

    Tamara G., Idaho cat behavior consulting client
  • In Which Otto No Longer Redirects His Aggression Onto Humans

    Hey Mieshelle,

    I don't want to jinx anything but we've been problem free all month.

    There were a couple of contacts with the outdoor cats where he seemed very aggressive towards them and we had workers in the house with no backlash from Otto. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue.




    I wanted to let you know (and this email should have been sent three months ago) that the two kitties are back together again! Mica and Puck are back to normal – friendly chasing, but otherwise not all that interested in each other.

    It is bliss and it was a LONG haul – but worth it! Thanks for all your help!

    Maddie and Rosie & Puck and Mica
  • Well, a Nobel Peace Prize Might Be Too Much . . .

    A "purrfectly" happy update for you. As you can see by this picture, Spider (foreground) and Scooter are enjoying each other's company in the morning sun. This is a first--they've NEVER hung-out before and we know this change in their behavior was only made possible after our consultation and email follow-ups with you.

    We've incorporated all of the techniques you shared with us--(advice removed) and we're all sleeping peacefully at night too. Scooter used to "stalk & patrol" Spider 24/7, leaving all of us pooped and bewildered; to the point that we had to separate them at night and whenever we were outside our home .. even in the yard! But no more! Spider is back to normal: jumping, eating/drinking and Scooter is a happy little guy again--more relaxed, playful and the only thing he stalks now is (behavior advice removed).)

    All the best, Sally & Stan, Albany, NY
  • Inter-Cat Aggression Is Often Subtle and Always Complex and Few Can Cure It Like We Can

    Just wanted to update you on Lucy.  She is doing very well.  She has now been on the (advice removed) 4 weeks as of today and I have a (advice removed) in her room.  Lucy stays in the guest bedroom for the most part but she has moved out of her crate to the top of the guest bed.  I have a kitty bed up there for her and she lays in it most of the time.  Lucy is eating well and is using the litter box well.  Sophie enters the room and will even jump up on the bed at times.  Lucy tolerates her.  She is not aggressive with Sophie but then Sophie normally keeps her space.  Lucy has gotten very playful.  It's difficult for me to play her out.  I try to play with her at least 2 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes with an interactive toy.  

    I am very pleased with the progress she is making. 


    Tammy B., California cat behavior consulting client
  • A More Balanced Lifestyle All Around

    Thank you for your help with our two kitties... it's working!

    Very happy to report that for the first time in 2 weeks, we did not have to lock-up them up at night and we all slept very well! We've been (advice removed) voila!  He now "patrols" her less often; we haven't had a single incident of screaming, hissing or fur flying!

    Now here's the really good news: Our older kitty eats & drinks more and they both play with their toys peacefully--we think he may even be gaining weight!! We think with your input, we may be able to keep our older kitty around a lot longer and avoid more dramatic measures. We really appreciate your insight and help on the health issues too.

    Thanks so much & all the best,

    S.S., Oregon
  • Clicker Training?  Don't Try This Without Expert Guidance!

    Just wanted to give you an update - the kitties are doing wonderfully with the clicker training!!!!  We started individually with them in the bathroom by themselves on Wednesday and as of today (Saturday) we're able to use it out and about.  Since Friday when we started using it, the pouncing attacks by Kasey have virtually stopped!!!

    Now, Kaya just growls a little when he gets too close for too long and she wants to go away.  When she does this, he moves away quickly and stays away.  The quality of their interactions has improved - we've been clicking and treating whenever they are close to each other and not fighting...(i.e laying near each other or standing next to each other).  This morning they were next to each other and they both looked up at me like "where is my treat?".  We also caught them laying next to each other under our bed this morning!!

    I've ordered another another kitty tree and the products you recommended.  She's been much more playful and seems to be returning to all of her old behaviors (coming to us to be pet, etc). she'll even take the treats for good behavior when Kasey is around!!

    Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks!!! I'll keep you posted as things continue to improve!!!!!

    Kimberly M.

    California cat behavior consulting client
  • We're Not Shocked, But We Are Gratified

    Well, we seem to be having some progress. We've graduated to the barrier process. Sweet Pea isn't the most cooperative cat, so we have to kind of wait for her to come into the living room. She doesn't like to be held or carried so it's a matter of taking advantage of whenever she shows up. Anyway, Ollie is very cooperative so she's ready at a moment's notice. We've had 4 or 5 sessions. There's been no hissing or growling. Sweet Pea is very interested in watching Ollie play. She has approached the barrier, but not aggressively. Ollie, at first, would immediately retreat into the bedroom whenever she realized that SP was watching.

    However, she didn't go under the bed or get freaked out. She merely removed herself from SP's line of vision. Tonight she stayed at the barrier and looked right at SP without running.  No one hissed or growled or misbehaved!

    We have been religiously (advice removed) each day and the (advice removed) is working it's [sic] magic. Ollie is learning some tricks. She'll stand up for me and give me kisses for treats. Most of the time she'll come when called. SP is another story. It's all about her!

    I just wanted to let you know how we're doing. It's working. I'm sure you're shocked...

    Thanks for your help. We're determined to be successful.

    Beth & Jim, Colorado cat behavior consulting client

    Beth & Jim, Colorado cat behavior consulting client
  • Aggression Can Be Entrenched and Complex, But Patience Perseveres

    Just an update: Things seem to be going pretty well right now, so I haven't introduced any new components. The downstairs litter boxes are enjoyed by all, so Lindsey doesn't get chased down the stairs and rarely ventures upstairs to be fed. I come down to feed her first each morning, but she sometimes wanders up on her own for seconds. I figure if she does that voluntarily despite all her needs being met on the main floor, that's her decision to make!

    I (advice removed) to interrupt chasing, and they hate it enough to have backed off (at least while I'm around). It's not extinguished, but it's much rarer than before. Lindsey often wanders into the living room even knowing the kittens are there, and she's back to sleeping on a favorite armchair in there. I've seen the kittens "muscle" her out of it, so they can sleep there, but as often as not, she leaves without their being aggressive at all. She behaved the same way with JJ-- she deferred to him as a fact of life. He rarely did anything provocative once they'd both grown to adulthood.

     I really think the (advice removed) made a big difference in attitude among all three cats.

    Thanks again. I'll keep you posted.

    Sarah, California cat behavior consulting client

    Sarah, California cat behavior consulting client
  • He Only Used to Be One Tough Little Cookie

     I just wanted to give you an update on the progress of Oreo.  He is doing great!!!!  He seems to be getting better every day.  They are now living peacefully amongst themselves.  There is no more hissing and screaming.  Oreo sometimes growls but then I (advice removed) ) until he calms down, then I integrate him with the others again and everything is fine.  Is there anything else that I should continue to do now that they seem to be getting along better??  Is there anything that I shouldn't do??

    Thanks for all your help - you have been a lifesaver!!!

    Kerry and the cats, Florida cat behavior consulting client
  • Dudley Learns to Do the Right Thing

    Dudley is coming along very well.  The (advice removed) definitely work - nothing else does the trick!  He's much calmer and very rarely play attacks.  I've tried the (advice removed) and it seems to work to keep him from doing certain things, but not others.  I'll just keep plugging away at it.  It's so nice to know that you are there for another consultation should the need arise, or if we just need a refresher.  Thanks for all your help!

    Donna, Virginia cat behavior consulting client
  • Lions Lie Down With Lambs

    I just wanted to let you know that there has been a complete turn around with my cats' behavior. They are now the best of friends, Saki used to brutally attack Rosey before, and now they sleep together on the same chair, play together, I have even caught them eating out of the same food bowl. Thanks for your help!

    Krista, Vancouver B.C.
  • So Why Isn't Mark Writing?!

    I can't overstate what a significant improvement this is!  Not (behavior advice removed) seems to have turned him into a different cat.  Mark has not been bitten at all  He is rubbing against us with his head more often. No bloody scratches or bites received this weekend!  This is great!  

    T. H. New Prague, MN
  • When Mazzy Stopped Being Cain to Pualani's Abel

    They are doing much better!  We went through the re-introduction, and now, although they aren't the best of friends, Mazzy and Pualani are usually okay together.  Occasionally, Mazzy will attempt to stalk her, but I distract him with your behavior modification techniques, or outside activities.  Often they are sleeping on the same bed together, peacefully. 

    Thank you for checking back with us!

    Beth R. California
  • Over Time They Went Way Past That Record

    Day four of no spraying! This is a record.  Dave says they seem to be using the (technique removed. Dave also said they seem to like the (behavior advice removed). Thank you!

    Carol and Dave B., Portland, OR
  • Calmer, Cuter, Still Perfect

    Thought you would like to know we are having success with Lila. She ran right to a litter box as soon as I got home from work tonight. I can not thank you enough for all your advice. She's much calmer and, more sociable also! Now I think I will have the perfect cat. She is so cute.

    Again, Thank You!! S. Liberatore Quincy, MA
  • We Identify All the Possible Causes and Tailor the Solutions

    We are sending along an update on our cat's behavior.  David was out of town for several days last week and arrived home early Saturday morning.  The cats weathered his departure AND return without incident, about which we are all very happy.  Last night, David (behavior advice removed) in the library to see what would happen. The cat(s) used the one in the library! Thank you,

    H. Kimmel Atlanta, GA
  • Get Your Perfect Cat Back

    Everything's been going so well this week that I forgot to email you! My kitty is behaving perfectly. She is now using both boxes w/ (behavior advice removed), but primarily the one in the closet.

    She seems happier in general too - I'm probably going to keep the (behavior advice removed) for a little while, and start gradually taking a piece off at a time. Anyway, she's back to being my perfect cat :)

    Thank you so much for everything.

    Eliza R., Pasadena, CA
  • It's an Accident-Free World

    Still 100% accident free, I could not be happier! I did (behavior advice removed) for 10 days and so far there hasn't been a problem, thank you soooooo much!!

    M.K., Brooklyn, NY
  • It's a Wonderful World

    Just to let you know that all has been WONDERFUL with the cats! No pooping and no more peeing going on upstairs! I'm going out of town on vacation for about 10 days and I'll be in the woods of northern MN with no email so I'll be in touch when I get back home around August 2, 3, 4... Anyway, thank you for saving us!!!

    R.W., Rock Island, IL

    R.W., Rock Island, IL
  • We Even Fixed the Kitchen Sink

    We were having litter box issues and I am happy to say that we know longer have any of those!!  After a full month we have only had 1 instance with defecation. 


    Kerry F., Florida cat behavior consulting client
  • Atta Boy, Tiger!

    Update: Thank you so much for all of your help, My house is a MUCH happier place to be!   Everything is going fine now. Tiger will even go in the box when we are walking around the apt. which is something the he never used to do.  Thank you!

    M. K. Brooklyn, NY
  • Not Running Around Pooping!

    He is using the litter box now for defacating and urinating! Not running around pooping.  I feel very blessed! 

    D.M. Avon, NC
  • "Oh, Maggie, I Think I've Got Something to Say to You"

    Since we (advice removed), Maggie has been problem free. As this has worked, she still lingers in her problem spots at times, but as stated above has been problem free all week (even pooping in her box without fail).

    I spend a good amount of time each morning and evening playing with Maggie and she seems to be back to her old ways playing fetch and being loving rather than aloof.

    Thanks for your help.

    Brandon, Washington, D.C. cat behavior consulting client
  • A Clean House is its Own Kind of Bouquet

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.  Peaseblossom will probably never be pals with the other cats, but she’s happier and more playful than she’s been in a couple years (since her buddy Omega died), and not having accidents anymore!  It’s great coming home from work, not expecting to have to clean up several messes.  I’m going on vacation tomorrow and will be optimistic about their behavior while I’m gone.

    Thanks again,

    Nancy F., Albany, NY
  • This One Did Keep up the Good Work

    He has gone accident free since 9/21! We have been using the (advice removed).  I hope he keeps up the good work. We have been letting him out on supervised outings also....Thanks for all your help so far! When I get home this Saturday I will be able to use the (advice removed). 

    K. Johansen, Virginia cat behavior consulting client
  • We Prefer the Humane Solutions

    Hello Mieshelle, So far Avery has been accident free for almost 3 weeks. I am so excited. Thanks to you! Should we still (advice removed).  We haven't had to confine him either. .Thanks.

    Lisa N., Alabama
  • Helping Cats in Shelters is One of Our Passions

    I'm still (behavior advice removed). So far, so good! All the cats seem happy with the new situation and they are using the boxes faithfully.

    I'll keep you updated as the week goes by! I certainly enjoyed talking with you and have passed on some of this information to my friends that volunteer at the shelter with me. These are things that none of us have thought of or heard before -- great information! Thank you again. Your work is very helpful to those of us that are committed to making our cat/person situation successful!

    Bill G., New York, NY
  • Helping Cats in Shelters is One of Our Passions

    I'm still (behavior advice removed). So far, so good!  All the cats seem happy with the new situation and they are using the boxes faithfully.   

    I'll keep you updated as the week goes by!  I certainly enjoyed talking with you and have passed on some of this information to my friends that volunteer at the shelter with me.  These are things that none of us have thought of or heard before -- great information!  Thank you again.  Your work is very helpful to those of us that are committed to making our cat/person situation successful!

    Diane M., Wait Hill, OH
  • Many Behavioral Issues Arise Together and Exacerbate One Another

    The wild cat sanctuary in Florida where we purchased our African Serval recommended Mieshelle of The Cat Behavior Clinic.  We are happy to say that Nikki is no longer pooping behind the couch or biting our legs or our children.  Thank you Mieshelle.  We are so glad we get to keep our cat! I promise I won't let him out without a leash anymore.

    L.M. Tampa, Florida 2005
  • "The Vets and Staff Are Amazed"

    I must say that we can't be anymore happier than we are right now!  The vets and staff are amazed that you have fixed this cat of ours. He has been going to the vet for the last 3 years with test after test and now he is no longer ruining our house with urinating and defecating thanks to you!  Thank you! I only wished I had called you sooner. I would have saved myself and kitty Jasper a lot of agony, car rides, and money!"

    Law M., Napa Valley, CA 2005
  • A Greek Cat Uses the Box for the First Time in Two Years


    Monday, October 12th evening appointment with Mieshelle

    I immediately (advice removed) as suggested – without making any other changes yet - and Phevos used them for peeing and pooping!

    Tuesday, October 13th –

    Saw him using the litterboxes for peeing and pooping again! Not sure if he has urinated inappropriately ever since, and during the day while we were away! I think he hasn’t!

    Wednesday, October 14th –

    Have been (advice removed) and it seems to be working!!! He hasn’t urinated or defecated inappropriately not even once! WOW!

    Thursday, October 15th

    Still no inappropriate urinating OR defecating. It looks like Phevos is totally indifferent towards approaching the areas affected before.

    Friday, October 16th

    Same as yesterday!

    Saturday October 17th

    Still no problems!!! Wwwwwowwwww it’s been 2 years!!!!

    Sunday & Monday October 18, 19th

    All working fine!!!

    Xenia Carantani  

    Athens, Greece

    Xenia C. Athens, Greece 2008
  • Eight Years of Time and Frustration . . . Vanished After One Consultation

    Just started the techniques and amazingly, Jerry has used the litter box to defecate!  Of course this is AMAZING, since it hasn't happened in 8 years.  Thank you!

    Erin A., Reston, VA 2006
  • "Redirection" is Just One Piece of the Puzzle Our C.A.T. Plan Solves

    Thanks for giving me so many good ideas on how to redirect Punkin's spraying.

    We started her on (advice removed) last night, have replaced all of the litter boxes with (advice removed), and are using the (advice removed) in each of the boxes. We've also (advice removed) on her favorite "spray" spots (couches, blankets, certain rooms) and keeping her toys separate from the other 2 cats.  Just wanted to give you an update, and to let you know that it's been 4 days of no spraying...and counting. Thanks again! I'll keep you posted.

    B. Lawrence  (New York)

    B. Lawrence New York 2006
  • When Spraying and Urinating Go Together, So Do Our Techniques


    Things are going much better.  YEAH!  Since we talked there has not been another incident of spraying or peeing!!!! I'm introducing them to (advice removed) and things are going great! Thanks for all your help! 

    Cameron and Stephanie R., Florida


    Things are going much better.  YEAH!  Since we talked there has not been another incident of spraying or peeing!!!! I'm introducing them to (advice removed) and things are going great! Thanks for all your help! 

    Cameron and Stephanie R., Florida 2006
  • Spraying, Aggression -- You Still Won't Usually Need Drugs

    Dear Mieshelle,

    Thank you for everything! Since the baby has come, our cats have been just fine. The behavior modification techniques and environmental changes you had us make have made an amazing difference, and we got Prozac, but never ended up using it, because everything started to get better after the last incident two weeks ago.

    Here are some pictures of the baby. Just scroll down, and you will see some pictures.

    Thanks for everything,

    Sacha, Vancouver, B.C. 2005
  • We Can Make Home-Wreckers Purr Like Kittens

    I wanted to give you an update on Kona...(who has ruined two homes!) surprisingly there have been no accidents going on 2-1/2 weeks!  Now that I have put this comment out into the world, I hope this doesn't jinx us!

    I spoke to Dr Haley the other day, singing your praises!  I shared with him how your suggestions have really helped and how responsive you are... He is back from paternity leave if you have time to call him...

    Thank you for your help and guidance... 

    Jill S., Lake Oswego , OR 2005
  • We Can End Those Unhappy Surprises . . .

    So far so good! I am just thrilled that I am not coming out of my bedroom every morning wondering if or where he had sprayed the night before!

    It's been two weeks and no accidents! Thank you.

    D.H., Newark, NJ 2005
  • We Like to Make Everyone -- and We Do Mean Everyone -- Happy

    Just thought you'd like to know this is day eighteen of no spraying!! You have changed our lives!  Everyone (and I mean everyone) is happy now! Your advice has given us sanity again and we can't thank you enough. Our vet is very impressed as well especially with the (behavior advice removed).

    I'll send a picture of the cats this afternoon.

    Thanks again,

    M. Tyler, Brooklyn, NY 2005
  • Over the Phone

    < Our vet recommended Mieshelle because they could not figure out why our cat Toby was spraying.  We ran every blood and urine test you could think of.  It took Mieshelle less than 10 minutes to not only figure out why Toby was spraying on the back of the sofa chair every morning, but how to fix the problem.  He quit doing this the next day and hasn't had an accident since!  I can't believe how simple it was to fix this problem.  I am so glad I called her!  She is also going to help us introduce our cat to our new daughter we are adopting from China.  She has already given me advice on this and I am so grateful.

    Leslie W. Tualatin, Oregon 2005
  • It's True -- All Our Clients Get to Keep Their Cats

    I get to keep my cat!!!  I was literally driving around the parking lot of the Humane Society, crying, when I called Mieshelle.  I thought I was going to have to give up Benji.  He was spraying everything in the house with urine and fighting with our other cats.  Mieshelle, I can't thank you enough for all the work that you did for us!  I am so glad I called you.  We all live in peace and harmony again because your methods work!!  I will recommend you to everyone I know.  Your service is invaluable.

    Heather K., Portland, Oregon 2006
  • Another Case that was Supposedly Unsolvable

    Hello and Happy New Year,
    We received our advice removed) yesterday and used it immediately. The living room furniture is losing its odor as I type this.

    Jayme continues to behave appropriately and there have been no urine accidents. (Advice removed) is a hit and she looks forward to (advice removed). She is also playing with her other toys a lot more.

    The (advice removed) also continues to be a hit and we credit it with Jayme's success.

    I'll write again next week to let you know our progress with (advice removed) success.

    Regards and, again, Happy New Year!

    Felice Lind, Coconut Beach, Florida 2007
  • Humans Enjoy Our Behavior Techniques Too

    Mieshelle, kitty is doing great.... no bad behavior at all. she is completely relaxed around the house.. no accidents.. I may (behavior advice removed) but I don't even really think that it's even necessary anymore, but I do it for me! Thanks for all your help.

    J. Papish Cambridge, MA 2007
  • One of the Many Secrets You'll Need to Know -- How to Conduct a Proper Prey Sequence

    Well, so far we have (advice removed). He seems much happier just in the last few days now that we have been (advice removed). Opie and Nikkolas are VERY good hunters and will drag me around the house with their prey in their mouths once they have caught it!!

    I (advice removed) as soon as I got off of the telephone with you.

    So far everyone seems a lot happier and there have been no urinations outside the cat box!

    This information is hopefully to help further your research. Thank you so much for caring so much about our feline friends as much as Eileen and I do.


    T. Joy, Durham, NC 2005
  • Yet Another Cat We Got to Stop Urinating by Boosting His Self-Esteem

    Things with Joe are going very well. We have been letting him on the bed while supervised, and also at night while we are sleeping, and he has been a perfect angel. He either sits or lies down contentedly, often purring (which he seldom did before). He also has free run of the couch and (behavior advice removed). All in all he seems much less nervous. He still has high energy and loves to run and play, but seems much less “antsy”.

    They both seem to be using their regular cat boxes in the cat room more and (behavior advice removed).

    Also you mentioned in our interview you knew of an expert on juvenile gingivitis/stomatitus at UC Davis. The next big thing especially with the other cat is to get that treated.

    Thanks again for all the help – Joe’s behavior is much more loveable and playful and less nervous (and no urine accidents). Thank you!

    Jay & Sue D., El Granada, CA 2005
  • In Which Furniture Regains Its Intended Function

    I got back from my trip last night. It's official, we've had NO inappropriate elimination issues since we (behavior advice removed ). WOW!!. We can't believe it! Annabelle is now curled up sleeping on the couch instead of peeing on it! (big improvement!!)

    J. Chamberlin Clyde, CA 2008
  • Oh, Yeah: Did We Mention Weight Loss in Obese Cats?

    Well, miraculously, Tennessee has not gone on the floor since we (advice removed). He is much calmer, much more loving and he's lost weight!!! You really saved things in our household!!!

    C. Payette Vancouver B.C 2008
  • And We Were Thinking of You

    I was thinking of you this week-end! The good news is we have not had any issues with Chester since we made all the changes you recommended. Actually, it’s quite funny to see how much he likes the litter box now. Tomorrow will be day 30 of no accidents! Yeah!!

    Karen M., New York. 2007
  • We Make Cats Sassy Again

    Just a quick update on Sassy -- she had not gone outside the box for 5 days and has started playing again -- I'm assuming because of the behavior program and (behavior advice removed) during our phone consult!

    So we're feeling very encouraged --- I'm doing everything you suggested and it seems to be working!

    Will keep you posted.

  • Subject: Phone Consult, thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Thank you so much for your time! I have not implemented everything you told me to do yet, but we are still accident-free! I got the products you recommended, I bought new boxes, but haven't changed them yet. Any way, we leave for vacation tomorrow. our neighbor will come and feed them and scoop out the litter. We will hope and pray that they are ok with that. Anyway thanks again!!!

    Julie S., New Jersey cat behavior consulting client
  • Maximo Goes Minimal

    So far Maximo has gone a full #1 and #2 in the litter box. I was so excited. I have been continuing to use the products as you specifically instructed me, including (advice removed).

    Things have been great so far!

    Thanks, Leslie C.
  • Nine Years of an Entrenched Habit ... Gone. Try That With Your Supposedly Cleverer Human Spouse

    I have 3 cats. My female cat Violet had been urinating all over my home everyday for 9 years. I had my furniture, even my bed, covered in plastic. Mieshelle asked me a lot of questions and told me why my cat was urinating everywhere (it was my other cat's fault!) and also how to deal with the problem. I can't believe she is using the litter box again after all these years! I no longer have everything covered in plastic! I only regret not getting help from Mieshelle sooner! My cat is also more confident and content around the other two cats.

    Vicki L. Vancouver, WA
  • Hayley's Comet Won't Be Coming 'Round Again

    I wanted to give you a report on Hayley. On Tues. night I put (behavior advice removed). She peed and pooped in the utl. room litter box!

    This morning I found another pee by Hayley in the new litter box! I think that its a success. I thought I would just leave the new one for a few days and then (advice removed) of the other boxes and see what happens. What do you think?

    I have intentions for peace for us and the whole world- Kathy
  • We Know Which Products Work, Too -- In Tandem with Behavior Techniques

    Good news! I (advice removed) exactly a week ago and since then Boomer has had no accidents!! I started off with (advice removed) and one box of "Feline Pine", but then both cats stopped using the "Feline Pine", so after about 4-5 days I (advice removed) they both seem to really like. I have also continued to use the (advice removed) twice a day along with the (advice removed) So basically, it's been 7 days since introducing the (advice removed) and since then, Boomer has not had any accidents. Hopefully this continues to work. I will keep you posted. Thanks.

    - J. Z., Florida cat behavior consulting client
  • Sometimes All It Takes is a Little [Behavior Advice Removed]!

    Hayley is doing great, no more mishaps and she loves her (behavior advice removed). (advice removed) itself has really made a difference!! We still are (behavior advice removed) there as well. Though she will not always want to play, I still talk to her and interact with her (behavior advice removed). So far so good I'll keep on doing what I'm doing.

    Thanks, Kathy
  • No News is Good News Indeed

    You are correct in your assumption of no news is good news! The (behavior advice removed) were the solution plus (advice removed). She stopped her bad behavior and urination around the home almost immediately, much to my surprise. So thank you very much!!


    Jessica, Cold Spring, New York 2009
  • No One Really Knows Why Some Cats Like to Pee on Warm Objects

    Just wanted to give you an update on Maxwell, Morgan, Stewart and Eleanor.

    We have (behavior advice removed) and also (behavior advice removed) and since we have done that, we have noticed a major difference! Most importantly, no more pee on the stove and we haven't noticed any pee anywhere else. We are moving in a few weeks, so hopefully that goes well, what do you suggest to make the move smooth for them? We are going to start implementing your other suggestions soon, with Morgan and Maxwell sine they fight, but most importantly for our sanity is there is no more pee anywhere!

    R. McNabb, Novi, MI 2008
  • Problem Solved: The Rooms Get a Permanent Break

    Well, everything is going ok - no more accidents in any of the rooms. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Kerry and the Cats, Miami, Florida 2006
  • A Newly Confident Cat is a Properly Urinating -- and More Affectionate -- Cat

    Hi There!

    He has calmed down so much!!! He roams the house during the day when we are here and so far no problems. I have followed all your instructions....in fact Tazzy is sitting right here watching me type this...he is very interested in the computer. You will love this next part...Tazzy goes up and lays down by my husband while he is watching T.V. He would NEVER do that before! He gets lots of love now and seems really happy...

    I just love being able to hold and kiss and love Tazzy and he seems to be loving it too!!!

    Thanks for checking in...you have been a great help to me at a very stressful time in my life...May God Bless your holidays with good health and merriment!!!

    Valerie R., California 2004
  • This Little Kitty Peed on Misty's Bed

    So far so good...no accidents.

    Thanks again for helping us out, it has been a life saver. And also thanks in advance for advice on my dad's situation. It is really frustrating but anything I tell him to do he will so thanks again. I will keep you updated if anything changes.

    Thanks again,

    Misty, Portland, OR 2008
  • When You Solve One Problem, Like Inappropriate Urination, All Kinds of Things Get Better

    I have to say, I'm completely delighted by the change those few alterations have made in both Dora and Arthur. These cats are not only going to the bathroom in the right places but they're playing together for the first time since Dora was small. Arthur still gets grumbly now and then when she approaches him, but much more often he'll ignore her or engage her in what appears to be a playful way.

    Your advice has made all the difference!

    Thanks so, so much,

    Emily, Portland, OR 2008
  • We'll Show You, Too, How to Perfect the Kitty Bathroom Remodel

    Junior wanted me to email you and tell you thank you for telling me how to fix his liter box issue. He loves his new bathroom remodel and we have had no issues. I (behavior advice removed).

    He hasn't had an accident at all after I changed things and he was having an accident every day in our living room by the couch!

    Thanks for the help. As I am writing this to you Junior is sitting next to my computer purring while every once in a while testing the law of gravity as he uses his paw to slowly push small objects off onto the floor. He looks over the edge of he table and then looks at me as if to say, "look, it worked again!" It's one of his favorite games when he's bored. It must be time to chase a paper wad.
    Thanks again and have a good day.

    Sharon W. Greenwich, CT 2008
  • You're Welcome, You're Welcome, You're Welcome!

    i just wanted to say thank you, thank you. THANK YOU!!!

    Georgia has stopped urinating on things! I've been (behavior advice removed) and (behavior advice removed) everyday. Thanks!

    Mariko B., Kent, WA 2007
  • Yes, Sometimes Our Cat Clients Just Like to Sit in the Box We Help Owners Create

    Just wanted to let you know that Indy's re-home rehab has gone extremely well. She urinated twice in the litter box with (behavior advice removed). In fact, throughout the evening, there have been times where she's just sat in the box just to enjoy it. She's also eating heartily and (behavior advice removed).

    You may have worked a miracle. I'll send you another report in about one week.

    Thank you so much,

    Dawn M., Cape Hatteras, N. Carolina 2007
  • Cats in England Like Us, Too

    3 Burmese cats, one urinating outside of the litter box, another defecating. Here are the four weekly emails sent by the clients:

    Week 1:


    There have been no accidents anywhere since 10th July. Before that date we had some odd new places - in the shower and in the bath?? but once these were cleaned away it has not happened again.

    The new sofa has arrived and the cats have so far been fine - we have (behavior advice removed) and are (behavior advice removed).

    One day I even saw Raisin and Sapphire politely taking it in turns to eat from the same bowl with no fights which is unheard of.

    Week 2:

    Hi Mieshelle - We had rather a busy week last week and so didn't do as well on the cat behavior techniques as we had intended, but I am happy to report no accidents still!

    Week 3:

    Hi Mieshelle - We had rather a busy week last week and so didn't do as well on the cat behavior techniques as we had intended, but I am happy to report no accidents still!

    Week 4:

    Hi Mieshelle - Another busy week but again, no accidents!

    The (advice removed) is still working well and being (advice removed).

    Thank you,

    Chris and Nicola, St. Albans, UK 2008
  • You DON'T Have to Give Up Your Cats -- Not Even Bengals

    Thank you Mieshelle for helping us solve the behavior problem with our two Bengals! It was hard to believe it was so simple for what seemed like a complex issue, but you were right and we have had no issues since our consult. I can't believe I was thinking about re-homing. You offer a great service and I just hope more cat owners will learn of your service. You definitely figured out what even our vet couldn't (he is referring you now too by the way).

    Steve and Diane, Miami, Fl 2002
  • Medication is NOT the Only Hope


    The minute I (behavior advice removed), Watson got in the litter box and went to the bathroom! He did it again on his own when I (behavior advice removed) about four hours later. This is great because he has not used the box for urinating since we've owned him. The advice that addressed the areas where he was inappropriately urinating was the best and my vet is shocked we don't have to put him on the kitty Prozac! He had said that meds were our only hope, so we can't thank you enough!!

    Sarah, John and Watson - Seattle, WA 2008
  • Beautiful People Have Cat Problems Too

    Thanks so much for your help, Mieshelle.

    Charlize Theron, actress 2009
  • A Vet Says, Every Wine In Its Own Time

    Chardonnay is no longer urinating on our couch and bed. It has been 3 weeks and no accidents! Thanks you! I really think it was the (behavior advice removed). Our vet wants to take you out to lunch! I think they're just happy not to see us in the clinic every week for this urinating issue! Your knowledge has saved our household!

    Best, Marci and Sigmund W., New York, NY 2005

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