Frequently Asked Cat Consulting Questions

Q: Why should I want to get expert cat consulting advice by phone or Skype video, in the comfort and convenience of my home, without having to drive somewhere or spend hours cleaning up the house in anticipation of a visitor?

A: Well, you sort of answered that one yourself. Now just add: this is the last consultation you will need. What is your time worth? Why continue the Internet searches, hitting up friends for advice, trying to cadge free tips from vets who are not experts in cat behavior (we have many vet clients)? Cat behavior experts are rare, but they are, at last, here. Get the best advice available, with a professional cat behaviorist with hundreds of testimonials since 1999.

Q: Can you really solve my cat’s problem over the phone?

A: Yes, we can, and we do, all the time. Why? One reason: it’s cat owners who have the greatest power to modify their cats’ environment, including by modifying the owners’ own behavior. We truly don’t need to see your cat to discover what you could be doing differently. That’s especially true at the Cat Behavior Clinic, which has developed a step-by-step C.A.T. Plan™system for solving any cat behavior issue based on the latest research in cat behavior.

Even in the rare cases where your cat has an issue that was not caused by the environment humans created for it, we don’t need to be able to see your cat’s behavior, so long as you are able to report it (you will be sent a thorough questionnaire prior to your consult). In fact, even if we were to visit your house, your cat probably wouldn’t engage in its undesirable behaviors while we were there. So even if we stood in your living room, clipboard in hand, we’d still need to ask you dozens of questions designed to get at the cause of your cat’s undesirable behavior (and sometimes, of yours). These are exactly the questions we ask via questionnaire and over the phone.  Also, many of our clients do not currently have a behavior issue, but still search out behavior advice from Mieshelle to prevent issues from occurring.

We also request photos and videos where applicable. We also work with you after your consult to answer any questions or make any necessary changes to the behavior program. This follow-up can sometimes prove to be just as crucial as the initial consult itself. The consulting testimonials you see on the Clinic website followed phone consultations.

Our instructions are also delivered by phone and/or email (whichever you prefer). They’re easy to follow, and we encourage you to take notes.

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Q: How does the process work?

A: See How It Works.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: See Pricing. And worth every penny in peace of mind, amity among household humans, and reduced expenses from destructive cat behavior.

Q: Do you answer questions by email?

A: For our paying clients, yes, and we encourage you to send us email updates during the follow-up period included in your consult package. But we’re not able to answer questions by email from cat owners who have not scheduled a consultation. Given the number of daily visitors to our website, we would not have time to serve our consulting clients.

Q: Who is the behaviorist, and what training do they have?

The senior Cat Behaviorist is Mieshelle Nagelschneider, C.A.T. Counselor. Her most recent study of animal behavior was at Harvard University, but you can read more about her world-leading expertise on our Cat Whisperers page.  She also recently authored a scholarly cited cat behavior book, “The Cat Whisperer” (Random House Publishing) published in 4 languages with new methods not found in other cat behavior books.  Veterinarian Dr. Jim Shultz and Dr. Brad Krohn are our other cat behavior consultant that consult on specific cases that often also involve a health issue.

Q: Do you have references?

A: We have many references, from clients, shelters, adoption teams, vets, and vets who are clients. You can read our Rave Reviews.

Q: I have a different question.

A: Free to call us at 1-503-267-8888.

Before choosing a cat behaviorist — compare testimonials.  We have more testimonials than any other cat behaviorist since 1999. More testimonials